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"I am satisfied with this area of my life"
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The Participant Index distinguishes the quality of transformation you will bring to your work in the Sanctum Program.
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Teachability index = (Learn score x Change score) / 100
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Program Participant Agreement
Just Be Great. We’re talking about your legacy + livelihood, which requires the very best aspects of your personal character. Seriously, take responsibility for making the Sanctum Program rock your world. These Sessions are a partnership between you, we + Spirit. We will give you everything we've got to expand the opening through which you give & receive, & we are really good at that. We trust you & request that you come to the table completely responsible for getting what you need & staying in communication. Let’s handle what we need to handle, between us, until we’re both delighted. If you agree, sign below.
The following habits & behaviors are not a fit for the Sanctum Program
- Make excuses instead of taking action - Have "lived with" the problem they want solved for a long time with no progress - Blame others (past coaches, the economy, bad luck, etc...) - Talk about being a "victim of circumstance" - Make confusing, chaotic, or complex payment arrangements - Declare they have no money, time, or energy - Use sessions for comfort or an instant fix - Are willing to sit with any problem for more than 36 hours - You are actually looking to source our team for something other than forwarding your business/initiative (i.e. personal time, fundraising, networking, etc...)
I agree to be in communication with my Host within 24 hours of noticing my engagement in any of these habits or behaviors with the intention of clearing it, creating newly, & calibrating myself to my long-term vision for myself & my community
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THANK YOU! If your application is accepted, you will be placed into an exclusive, small pod, and your Spirit Strategist will contact you this week with your digital path planner, community-builder’s kit, and an invitation to schedule a welcome call to determine your key objectives, struggles, & gifts for the year.

If we feel you are not a fit for Sanctum, then your money will be refunded immediately, & we will offer you resources for programs that fit your current goals. Of course, wherever you are is perfect. Sanctum community members need to be ready for everything to fall into place, & that isn’t so clean as it sounds! It’s a rigorous program that requires fierce devotion, daily spiritual practice, & a commitment to changing everything.

For those who are ready, we have been waiting for you.