Sacred Current. Esalen Institute, Big Sur

Sacred Current. Esalen Institute, Big Sur

Each quarter an intimate group of A-list performing artists, philanthropists and deep social ecologists come together to share questions, stories and food. We consider the many ways to move resources towards Life. We share hopes and dreams. We uncover blocks & be present to inherited race, class & gender obstacles to respectful, relevant collaboration. We choose projects to forward thru public celebration, talent, media, contacts, and funding.

Then we clear our issues (chemical, nutritional, emotional, energetic, physical, past life & inherited DNA patterning) at the cell level. We co-create new opportunities from the learning. And we calibrate to our new intentions, again, at the cell level.

Finally, we make music, share a meal, meditation and silent hike. Feasting to What Might Be.


While this collective is private, often I receive requests to curate similar spaces, sometimes philanthropical, and more often diversely co-creative. If this is your wish, to host a focused working circle, let's talk about the possibilities. We're blessed with a wellspring of exquisite facilitators. xx, Us


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