Sister. Imagine a glimmering pod, glowing & changing in the light, holographic, a gift from the Eternal. Inside there’s a collection of 13 heirloom ancestral seeds, each utterly unique, once protectively sewn into the dress hems of a thousand women who traveled a thousand different stories with their families. These women had no middle man between themselves & their ability to provide, protect, procreate. They were empowered partners in their own communities, they knew exactly how to forage, to feel into the soil, to find their way across their fields. Each ancestor knew a specific landscape, danced, loved, & sang a song unique in her heart. Each woman evolved into a seed that will become something we have never seen before. This is a unique moment. 


Our work is to move towards the warm & rich spaces.

To soak in nutrients & water. To get our needs met.



[sangk-tuh m]

noun, plural sanc·tums, sanc·ta [sangk-tuh] /ˈsæŋk tə/.

  1. a sacred or holy place.
  2. an inviolably private place or retreat.

Sanctum is this pod, an experience requested + curated by Moon Storm alumni. It’s place to check in with our small collective of visionary artists who create as mothers. A place to find the quiet to magnify the seeds of our imagination into their full ecology. A place to joyfully paint in wide brush strokes, & to get the fine-detailed support we need to fill the landscape with vibrance & color. We will lead this together, with a devotion to making sure each of us re*members herSelf to creation as a natural, everyday miracle that comes from cross-pollination. We are always supported by the Eternal, we are always on time, each season will look different for each of us, & ultimately we will bring in what we *all* need to thrive. 

Our context is business, as a spiritual assignment.


    To be clear, I am a full participant in this pod. All of my maps will be available to us, & I have a project I am bringing for mySelf, Bayou Luxe. This is a line of everyday ceremonial wear for modern mystics. My co*creatrix is Reneé M. Wilson, actress, mother, singer, writer, activist, a sister & co-facilitant of 13 years, also one of our seeds. xx, Maya


    Our Simple + Sublime Structure:

    13 months

    2 90-minute calls a month, one in the new moon tides, one in the full moon tides


    We are 13 women, diverse in expressions, & our circle will shift thru the year as we move thru our personal work projects. Our devotion is not to the individual seeds, but to the gesture of forwarding life for explosive beauty + vibrant growth.


    Each of us takes a session to co-facilitate with another we are called to share expressive space with. We will first share heartspace & any expression (stream of thought, song, prayer, poetry, movement, art, tea ceremony, anything) for a couple minutes each. There will be a chance to ground in movement or meditation. And then we will have a chance to share projects, name our growing edges, declare + ask for what’s needed, make promises & projections, & contribute to each other. Then we will literally stretch newly back out into the world.

    We begin with the creative, emotional, feminine energy of New Moon in Cancer, & complete with the mountain-views, clarity, & structure of Full Moon in Capricorn. Let's go.





    13th - New Moon in Cancer

    Maya @urbanorganica + Alexandria Romero @lunasoulspeak

     27th - Full Moon in Aquarius


    11th - New Moon in Leo

    26th - Full Moon in Pisces


    9th - New Moon in Virgo

    25th - Full Moon in Aries


    9th - New Moon in Libra

    24th - Full Moon in Taurus


    7th - New Moon in Scorpio

    23rd - Full Moon in Gemini


    7th - New Moon in Sagittarius

    22nd - Full Moon in Cancer




    6th - New Moon in Capricorn

    21st - Full Moon in Leo


    4th - New Moon in Aquarius

    19th - Full Moon in Virgo


    6th - New Moon in Pisces

    21st - Full Moon in Libra


    5th - New Moon in Aries

    19th - Full Moon in Libra


    4th - New Moon in Taurus

    18th - Full Moon in Scorpio


    3rd - New Moon in Gemini

    17th - Full Moon in Sagittarius


    2nd - New Moon in Cancer

    16th - Full Moon in Capricorn



    Moon Storm Alumni :: $3,000

    Collaborators :: In-Kind Co*Creation, no money exchanged


    "We are from a lineage ... who made a way when there was no way, who provided political and

    spiritual cover so the rest of us could come ahead ... When we enter a movement and converge,

    these spaces are sacred, because they are a form of sanctuary. Sanctuary is a spiritual stance.

    Sanctuary says: oppression is trying to fill our lives with fear and blood and daily numbing

    horror. But not in here. Not in my home. Not in my bed. Not in my movement. Sanctuary makes

    a ring of fire around our people. Sanctuary grants a taste of reprieve and protection, so they can

    gather strength to go out there again and fight.”


    Marisa Franco, #Not1MoreDeportation