Brhea Scales

The Joint Podcast | Events Strategist

Charlotte, North Carolina

Speaks the future into being, convening & facilitating cross-sector leadership into collaborative expansion. Offers her voice & vision in service to bigger, brighter possibilities. 

It is through my walk in this crazy life I am on fire to fulfill my purpose.

I’m a current junior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in Public Relations Communication, and a minor in Urban Youth and Communities. College exposed me to a collective work space, but not nearly as much as the greater city of Charlotte or this team here. It’s not just our circumstance that allows enrichment, it’s the lens to view every encounter as an opportunity.  I’m a visionary leader and seek to manifest daily. Children are my passion, health and mindfulness my fuel. I want to never lose touch if my childhood because my homecoming is where I’m most free. Follow me on Instagram @brhea_scales and stay tuned for the official publishing of The Joint, the Jazz of Indulging Natural Transformation. We are not alone in this process, everyone has a story to share. Believe in yourself, believe in your idea, believe it’s something people need to hear.