Curious. Grateful. Delighted. Pollinator.
  Moves towards life, beauty, magic.
Head on Earth, listening for what's needed.
  Transforms, sharing your light offline, at impossible speeds.

  Homebirthing, urban*steading, unschooled mom of four.
  Fashion stylist, publisher.
  Fundraiser, multi-founder. Legacy Architect.
Sleeps in the sea, for clarity + support.
  Gratefully collects minute bits of grace,
  spins it out as community caramel.
  With blessed help of thousands, On Purpose.

  >>> MABUHAY and ALOHA <<<        

My grandmothers, and theirs' before them, were medicine keepers, shamans, if you will, of a certain Filipina tradition :: visionary, healing women who live & work in the unseen worlds. They serve + served community as seers, political artists, medicine women, activists, lawyers, movement founders, musicians and master gardeners; generous, fiery, and *GIVEN* by a profound response-ability to the Whole. My grandfathers, and theirs' before them, were warriors, soldiers of jungle and pavement, protectors of life. My brothers, cousins and I are learning everyday. There's a ton of us, and each expression of creative activism is distinct.

grandma estrella :: activist, founder, medicine woman, seer. grandma jundis :: lawyer, kitchen witch. read palms like movies. mom, vidda&nbsp;:: alchemical hypnotherapist, archetypal consultant, artist, chef &amp; dancer.

grandma estrella :: activist, founder, medicine woman, seer. grandma jundis :: lawyer, kitchen witch. read palms like movies. mom, vidda :: alchemical hypnotherapist, archetypal consultant, artist, chef & dancer.

Mothering is my real daily deal, my happiness, my relaxed and chaotic and raw and real life...  >>> URBAN ORGANICA BLOG <<<

For 23 years I have been blessed to gather, serve, style, publish, facilitate, support & fundraise for:

*Icons  {you know who you are. Everyone does}

*Beacons  {artfully leading communities, foundations & movements} +

*Angels  {activists, philanthropists, teachers, healers, birthworkers, & farmers}. 

Why? You are always at risk of burning out. {I have resources here for that. And I've ignored them and I've burnt out, too.} You are *GIVEN* by Spirit, & an impulse to consciously contribute & create. I live to share your work, and I believe we must make sure to have your back, because you keep the wellbeing of the community landscape as the most important product of our collective community. Your work mesmerizes me. Thank you.



Notes + Recent Work :: 

For 15 years my husband and I raised money for creative people with excellent intentions. Like tens of millions. (Well actually way more than that) Now I help people with resources (fame, leadership, money, and technology), to make sure they don’t blow the dough. I do it by gathering us together, facilitating real connections and basically being a Pinay Mama :: We make real magic by cooking up a little sumthin’ sumthin’ with lots of food. Lots of laughing. And lots of swearing. 

*NFL Athletes, Teams, Trainers, Chiropractors and Execs of $100 M+ companies clear patterns that stand in the way of results, velocity and profit with our collective of world-class doctors, healers and coaches at Calibration Institute. I was the Legacy Architect, co-creating giving plans, family business platforms, financial mapping and Plan B's, like authorship, broadcasting and fashion. 

*I created the team + vision for Amulet, the print field guide for seasonal living, as well as Waldorfish, a global community of teachers, parents & homeschoolers. Both initiatives are currently produced and led by my cofounders, teachers and dearest friends, who inspired, and now fulfill, those games in full.  

*At 15 I was blessed to be published for the first time, by SF State University, as well as to be invited by Stanford University to lead peer workshops on relationship. So for 25 years I’ve been writing & organizing sacred gatherings for communities on sacred land, looking to lift the curtain, forward life, magnify love & impact. All of it's done in curiosity and play.  

*My four boys, all born at home, are 4, 10, 12 & 16 years old. They help with our little urban*stead, 1/3 acre in Northern California, where we keep chickens, rabbits, goats, cats & a truly loving turkey. I cook constantly, because I am ravished. We live a tri-coastal, rustic life, mostly media-free. I'm not sure how "good at it" I am, but I just love it.

*In 2011, my Moon Storm alumni created 200+ new initiatives, documentaries, philanthropical partnerships, collectives, companies, courses, publications, retreats & gatherings.  In addition to 100% of Moon Storm Sessions proceeds, over $500,000 was raised for environmental initiatives, cultural preservation, & social justice. The curriculum now lives in BRIGHT LIVELIHOOD & MOONRISE | 13. 

*Philanthropists, Social (ad)Venturists, Time Bankers, Impact Investors + Alternative Economists are invited to check out the 5th annual Evolving & Emerging Economies Jam I co-facilitate with YES! This organization is the largest intimately connected global community of activists, community leaders, social entrepreneurs, performing artists & philanthropists. I've been fortunate to co-facilitate Jams since 2005. 

*My friend Sophie Chiche at Life By Me asked me what I find meaningful. I was invited to speak at this TEDx in San Francisco, and I riffed on the foundation, scaffolding, & building blocks required for the successful fulfillment of a conscious-creative feminine legacy. 

*Fashion stylings are a bit of everywhere (like the Oprah Network + Fred Segal).  Where might we find each other?

                                                                                    xx, Maya