Last July, in the warmth and abundance of summer’s glow, I was excitedly gathering and preserving all the Bee Balm I could get my little hands on.  It was overflowing in every drainage of my Northern Arizona forest home.  Its magenta firework flower heads waving gently in the wind, mingling with the white beauty of yarrow, and deep purple spikes of vervain.  They were taller and fatter than any I had ever seen in my 13 years of herbal wandering and medicine making.   For years, oh how I would pray and scour the land hoping to find a stand that was big enough to harvest a few handfuls of the blossoms.  But it was just at the edge of its range, not getting quite enough water to be abundant, it was, in pockets, but as drought wore on, I did see them growing smaller and fewer in Southern Arizona mountain lands.  


But it is a hardly mint family perennial, which does happen to transplant fairly well, and I was able to start a little patch in my garden.  But here, on the Colorado plateau, conditions are ideal for my friend bee balm.  And I was swimming in an abundance of it, with so much gratitude.  Because along with winter soups and hot steamy rooty herbal brews, bee balm is one of my go to winter allies, and oh- it is winter now! The freezing temperatures have taken all my herbs in the garden to sleep, and the land is covered over in snow, all I can pick these days is pinon and juniper (which do make nice brews themselves and are quite medicinal and wonderful in winter too!)  But the blessing of summer, is the abundance of winter stores....especially from my sweet and spicy friend Bee Balm.  Also known as Monarda, and sometimes goes by bergamot, oregano de la sierra, or sweet leaf, it is monarda fistulosa var. menthaefolia to which I am offering this ode.  There are many varieties of monarda, red flowered m. didyma grows in many gardens across the country, and there are countless other wild and spicy spp varying by region.


Just like its favored name in this region, oregano de la sierra, (mountain oregano), it has a delightful and strong oregano taste, aroma and spice.  And it is so lovely included in winter soups, stews, meat rubs, and sauces.  It is even delicious as a piquant and intense pesto when made in summer fresh, and frozen for later months.  But in addition to its yumminess as a wild spice and food, its medicinal value is unparalleled.   I could pare down my apothecary to just 10-15 herbs, and this is one I would NOT forgo.


2015-07-25 18.02.33-1.jpg

Bee Balm flower infused honey is a winter dream stirred into hot tea or water, soothing a sore throat, easing a cough or combating winter infections  I always make sure to have a jar of bee balm honey made from the bright pink flowers, and besides, who can resist something so beautiful?  You can make bee balm vinegar which is medicinal and tasty to sprinkle on beans and rice as well, leaving the beautiful flowers in the jar, or to use in salad dressings.

I also tincture up loads of the fresh leaves and flowers for an infection kicker outer.  Seriously, I haven’t ever seen this stuff not make a huge difference in varying forms of bacterial infections- be it a sinus infection, stomach flu, UTI, strep throat, and even vaginal yeast infections.  Much like the oregano oil sold in stores, it has many similar compounds and aromatic oils, but in a form that is far more tolerable to the body, and just as effective without burning your mucous membranes.  Typically if I’m working on treating infections at home, I take my herbal allies of choice hourly, or at the least every two.  Frequency is key here.  And i have noted over and over that infections treated effectively at home with herbs dramatically improve within 24-36 hrs, and fully resolve in about 4-5 days.  If that is not the case, then I tend to err on the side of caution and get medical assistance.  Especially if you are working with a client, friend or child.  Sometimes switching up the herbs or adding others to the protocol helps too.  For bee balm, 1 dropper hourly usually does the trick, and I often blend it with other helpers, like Alder, Usnea, Yarrow or Oregon Grape Root, or even with Elderberries if I’m dealing with a viral cold or flu.

2015-07-25 17.42.12.jpg

Bee Balm leaf and flower tea is just as effective at kicking the infectious bugaboos out, but the taste is quite strong and for many people unpalatable to intolerable, it is both spicy, hot, and medicinal tasting in tea blends.  Mixing it with lots of peppermint can take the edge off, but go slow with this form if you want to get your friends and family to love and use bee balm.  I generally include it in a warming, stimulating, sweat inducing diaphoretic tea blend at the first sign of a cold, sniffle, cough or flu.  Also when dealing with UTI or gut infections more fluids are effective.

1 pt  bee balm

1 pt yarrow

1 pt elderflower

3 pt peppermint

Steep 10 min and sip as hot as possible. Add honey if desired.

Raising the body temperature and supporting a healthy fever response is an effective way to treat winter illnesses.  Most bacterial and viral infections cannot continue to live and reproduce at temperatures higher than 99℉ in the body.  A fever is a sign the body is doing its job to combat the infection, not a sign that things are getting worse.  Granted, a fever that gets too hot can be uncomfortable (though the dangers may be overstated, check this out from Seattle Childrens Hospital), and using gentle diaphoretic herbs can help to open the pores and break the fever, bringing the temperature down just enough.  Gargling with the luke warm tea or even the tincture mixed in warm saline is a wonderful sore throat remedy, the whole plant is high in tissue numbing essential oils, similar to cloves.  I do also use the tea or tincture as a skin wash or compress for infections, boils, or fungus like athletes foot, ringworm, etc.  Also, used as a sinus steam, dried leaves crumbled into hot water, and inhaled, is an effective way to treat sinus woes, while taking tincture internally as well.

That all said, it’s one of those herbs you can just keep around, and put it in your food, and give yourself a sinus steam with, or add a muslin bag full in your bath, or just drizzle infused honey in your tea every day.  It’s safe, it’s rather yummy, and one of those plant friends you just want to play with every day or so during the cold season. It is a very heating herb, so folks who tend to get overheated or run hot may want to use it in moderation on a day to day basis.

 Every time I look at those beautiful honey blossoms or sprinkle the fragrant leaves in my soup, I remember the glow and abundance of summer, and it warms my spirit and my body.  And I’ve turned to it so often in my herbal practice and day to day living experiences with infections, and I’ve seen it do amazing work, reliably.  And if it is not a plant that grows near where you live, it is easy to grow in a garden space, and can take quite a bit of heat and drought and still be potent and will grow back each winter from the spreading roots.  Noting, that as a mint family plant, it does tend to spread, so give it a nice roomy patch to grow, and you’ll have medicine to last for years to come!

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When everything becomes fuzzy and returns to its essential nature...


I’ve been gathering and gathering the seeds falling from the pines, pinyon nuts, daily.  I’ve been shaking loose the fragrant fruits of juniper. I’ve been shaking the fuzzy branches of Rabbitbush as I pass them on my walks, to loose those winged seeds flying.  I have been pulling on the browned tops of vervain and sprinkling the tiny little seeds along my daily trails. I harvested my precious Robins Egg Navajo maize after the tall stalks turned brown and dry.




Tis the season of seeds, forming, falling, flying.  Storing the most essential nature of the plants intelligence, its soul directive.  And within each seed, tiny or large, is the abundant substance to sustain the seed through winter, and then sprout it into the damp earth and stretch upward toward the sun.


Plants have no doubts or questions about their purpose, their shape, their unique imprint to live out in and through the world.  Though there are many individuals within one species of plant, each one grows in its own unique way.  And its message and its potential is stored within that seed.


I’ve been thinking a lot about my soul purpose in this life, and how for much of our early years we are busy creating a life, doing the deeds to make a living, raise the kids, or fit in with our chosen community.  (Even if all these things are aligned for us)  At some point, life, spirit, our soul, runs into that season, when things begin to solidify, or go totally fuzzy, sometimes both at the same time.  We arrive at this season of autumn, of beginning to turn to the downward, inward, earthward, soul journey.    This season of our lives, or even just of the year, asks us to let go, strip down all that extra stuff in place to create what we call our life, and return to our essence, our soul essence.  The SEED of who we are and what we are here to do.


The last weeks, and if I’m honest, the last year has a been a long journey to return to my essence and true nature.  To learn to let go of the trappings I’ve created for my ego - to feel valued, appreciated, safe - all the roles, all the identifications, all the shoulds, even some of the dreams and hopes I’ve held on to for my life.  


What is my essence beyond my work as an herbalist?  What is my nature beyond the biophysical drive to partner and mother? What is my soul directive to express in the world in this lifetime?  


A few days ago I found a pinyon nut that had fallen to the soil, cracked open and sprouted.  A tiny little mini pine tree sprout, perfect, with each cell knowing exactly how to express itself, toward the earth and toward the sun.  The seed providing the impetus and the nourishment and then, cracking open to express itself.   It seemed out of season, but it spoke to me deeply.  


I keep picking up all these seeds, thinking about letting go of how and what I’ve been blooming my energy into, and becoming the pure potential of the next season, and deeper expression of my soul.



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Go, and find some seeds.  Acorns, or hazelnuts, or corn, or pinyon, or sunflower or tiny mustard seed.  Gather them.  Ask them to speak to you.  Each completely unique, a package of unique genetic expression.  Speak to different kinds of seeds.  What does the sunflower say?  And what does the acorn say?  The tiny poppy seed vs the corn kernel?  


What can the seeds tell you about your essential nature?  What does the season of fuzzy falling seeds tell you about letting go of what your ego has created?


When you sit in silence in nature, watching all this, what message does your soul speak to you?  What is the SEED within you, begging to break open and express in this world your gift?


It may not have anything to do with your work or your roles, or your current hopes and dreams.  


Take these seeds to your bed, place them all in a little pouch and wear them around your neck.  Ask the seeds to teach the seed within you.  Ask for these soul directives to reveal in dreams.  

If it feels scary, or makes you want to cry, or asks more than you think you have, you may be onto something.


I don’t think this is something that necessarily happens in an instant, or even one season.  I’ve been stripping down for a few years, letting go of things, piece by piece, and feel as if I’m only just beginning to see and sense the essential seed nature within me, waiting to be expressed.  But it is enough, as we move into the new moon,  that I’ve made a new commitment, an investment, and a promise to my soul, to each day move closer and toward this essential soul expression.


What step can you engage to move toward your soul and essential nature?


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Shamana Flora
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Last weekend I spent in retreat with women, sisters, mothers, and healers, focusing on the Heart. Not the wounded heart, which is an inevitable part of living, we all acquire wounds and heartbreaks, but working with calling in the Empowered Heart.  We worked with empowering our hearts through ceremony and plant medicines of many kinds.

Roses, especially the wild ones, but all roses really, are my favorite plant ally and medicine for the heart.  The rose itself reminds me of a beautiful and fragrant wild heart, opening its petals fully and sweetly to the world, while protecting itself just enough with its thorns, not in scary threatening way, but enough to give you a prickly reminder if you overstep your bounds or mindlessly tromp through the briars without attention.    The rose is a reflection of the perfect state of a wild, yet empowered heart, open, expressing itself fully, through beauty, aroma, petals and fruit, and teaches us to be sweet and open with a healthy measure of boundary and protection from those who would take advantage of such sweetness.  

Here in the mountains of the southwest, wild roses bloom through the early summer, and now are nearly bare of leaves, but are flaunting abundant and gorgeous red hips, boasting a medicine full of nourishment for those who brave the thorns with awareness.  And truly, for me, the occasional prick from a rose thorn, though momentarily painful, is a reminder for me about how life’s little lessons, pricks, can help us to stay aware, and aligned with our hearts and souls, if we choose to allow the prick to bring us back into attention and connection with our heart, from wherever the little thorn came from, it is an opportunity to check in with ourselves.


Roses nourish, uplift, calm and support the emotional and spiritual heart.  I think of hawthorn as a more directly “protective” remedy for physical heart ailments, while rose supports the flowering, expression and vibration of an open, receptive yet protected heart.  I think I must use roses almost everyday in some form- mixed into my daily tea, a little rose oil anointing of my heart,  or a squirt of elixir now and again, just because.  Tending our hearts in the spirit of wellness and empowerment is one of the ways we can call in the energy of a strong, full, clear and open heart.  This is not to say we should ignore wounds or heartbreaks, because they happen, and have much to teach us as well, but when in a time of relative peace, aligning ourselves with empowered heart energy and positive vibrations, is a lot like speaking our affirmations daily.  Let Rose be the affirmation of self love, wholeness, beautiful expression and healthy boundaries we give ourselves everyday.


Roses are the medicine for opening our hearts, for inviting self-love, and for open hearted connection with a beloved or friend.  It is also a medicine for the acute care and pain of traumatic heartbreak, grief, and non traumatic emotional pain.  I often reach for the rose elixir to address emotionally based panic/anxiety attacks.  It works swiftly and sweetly. I can’t you how much rose I guzzled through my own despair and desolation and emotional hysterics after a particularly transformative and difficult break up, and everytime, just a few drops, or a squirt from the elixir bottle, I was immediately calmed, soothed, softened.  Or the time my transmission died in the middle of the desert in the summer, 100 miles from home.  I remember a friend had given me a tiny bottle of wild rose elixir to take home, and I sat on the curb waiting for a tow truck taking drop by drop of rose, helping me keep my cool,  (literally to not overheat in the sun) and not to have an emotional meltdown of epic proportions.


Rose is also a cooling remedy (which in the middle of a cold, damp winter might not be what you are after), and I drink rose petal tea or blended into teas all summer long to keep my fire element balanced.  If I ever feel like I’m getting hot and bothered, or have a client who tends to be red faced, stressed out, cranky and showing signs of internal heat, roses usually make their way into the bottle or tea blend. Or a spritz of rosewater in a glass of water, tea or bubble water always calms things down a notch.  David Crow once likened the energy of roses to moonlight, blooming in the cool, silvery magical light of the moon, their sweet fragrance gentle and healing.  Whenever I think of roses, I think of moon medicine, moon vibes, cycles, women, cooling, healing.


Then, I can’t forget the magic of anointing thyself with rose oil.  A tiny bottle of rose attar or rose otto can be extremely expensive, as it takes a whole 60,000 rose blossoms to make 1 oz of distilled rose essential oil, but anointing the heart chakra, the palms of the hands (there is a ayurvedic marma point/meridian of the heart that ends right in the palm of the hand - beautiful how our hands touching in love is connecting to the love in our hearts,) temples, third eye, or even the yoni invites the gentle and powerful loving touch of the rose into our psyche and energetic field while we chant a prayer or mantra of self care and loving compassion as we gently massage and anoint ourselves with rose medicine. I’ve been known to also slather my whole body in rose scented or infused oil, or take a bath in a strong rose tea when I need a hefty dose of comfort, compassion and self TLC.


Rose is such a versatile little simple medicine, yet full of complexity and layers untold.  Its simple to create your own little stash of rose elixir (recipe below), but also get some sweet smelling organic dried rose petals, and make some honey sweetened rose tea with a touch of cream, and find a little bottle of rose oil for those special moments when you want to really bathe your heart in the power of the rose.  


>>> Rose Petal Elixir <<<

I love to use fresh wild roses and leaves for this, but any fragrant and organic roses will work, even dried ones.


You’ll need:

1 pint jar

Fresh roses/petals to fill the jar, densely.


Fill the jar ⅔ full with dried organic roses (petals or buds)

~16 oz brandy or vodka

optional (¼-⅓ cup raw honey)


In your jar place honey (if you choose to sweeten your elixir, i like mine a little bit sweet, helps the medicine go in!), then fill the jar with roses of choice. Pour brandy or vodka over the roses until it comes to the top of the jar.  Cap tightly and label.  You may want to place the jar in the moonlight, near a rose quartz crystal, or sing to it, or say some prayers of loving kindness.  Whatever your intention is with making your rose elixir, infuse into the medicine.  After 4 weeks, you may strain the roses from the jar with a cheesecloth, squeeze every bit of goodness you can from them, (save them to add to a bath, or make homemade chocolate with them!) and place the sweet elixir into a dark glass bottle with a dropper.  Label clearly.


Take the elixir as needed for emotional hysterics, anxiety, grief, heartache, self  love, compassion, heart chakra nourishment, heart opening, and beauty. I find 5 drops is effective, and sometimes I need to take 1 or 2 or more droppersfull.  It is a totally safe remedy that is hard to overdo.  It may be a little drying and astringent, which the honey helps to balance.


Shamana Flora

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 *Publisher's Note: We are thrilled to share this *free* thinking toolkit, a lunar year of Sacred Boundaries shared weekly,&nbsp;grounded in Angelique's many years as an activist,&nbsp;herbalist,&nbsp;community trainer,&nbsp;and SisterKeeper. She's a medical advocate for sexual assault victims, social justice &amp;&nbsp;anti-racism facilitator,&nbsp;holding monthly Red Tents &amp; the online School for Medicine Womyn. &nbsp;More than this, Angelique is a dear friend that has fiercely supported our global community sisterhood, for years, now. This is family medicine. *Weekly* -M

*Publisher's Note: We are thrilled to share this *free* thinking toolkit, a lunar year of Sacred Boundaries shared weekly, grounded in Angelique's many years as an activist, herbalist, community trainer, and SisterKeeper. She's a medical advocate for sexual assault victims, social justice & anti-racism facilitator, holding monthly Red Tents & the online School for Medicine Womyn.  More than this, Angelique is a dear friend that has fiercely supported our global community sisterhood, for years, now. This is family medicine. *Weekly*


Sacred Boundaries For Self


We’ve been engaged in sacred boundaries in the sphere of the sacred, last time you created a collage that maps where you are at. In my work as an activisionary we talk about what it would look like to live outside of the striving/or the struggle. This very time driven existence that demands that we stick every experience into a formula for action, how do we unplug from that very formulaic why into the beingness of our own experience. I often share with folks when I provide a structure for movement that if it prevents you from actually doing it, drop it. Let it go. While parts of our human experience desire to name and label, it is not always in our best interest. Can you engage and set boundaries around the sacred for its own sake, without a prefabricated trending agenda? Can you dance in the tension of creating space for the unknown to be nourished? Why unknown? Because you can’t assign a name to that which has many and is none. In that space you will find solace and fullness because it holds capacity for all of you. 


I recommend you put together all these parts and read it again but all at once. When you are done…gather your sacred space making tools, be sure to ground and plug in. Grounding through your root chakra and plugging in through your crown, this stabilizes movement as energy and messages flow. When ready engage in the following questions…allow silence and stillness.


What have the boundaries around your practice in relationship to the sacred been?


What is in need of repair and reframing? Listen for what the essence in you needs at this season for nourishment..these messages come not from the thought but from plugging into the sacred current. 


What is coming up?…I imagine this piece of myself as a being and I often start with a teary I’m so sorry, I love you. This happens because I recognize that for me it can get so busy and move so fast. There are times I choose the busy over the slow..over the sacred, ”I can’t stop this must get done”. Or sometimes the plan gets in the way and that is when I know, I need to let go. My offering are my tears and a heart hungry to just sit and be. 


I Wait

I wait for you at the edges

I watch in tearful expectation, maybe today

Maybe today you’ll be with me…

I don’t want you to do..anything, just be with me

When you lay down exhausted and feel a warm sensation envelope you, that’s me loving on you

I don’t fit into the boxes or the list, or the next asana sequence  

I’m the hunger inside that makes you cry at mountains and weep at flowers

I watch you as you try to learn some new way to engage me..but all I want is for you to be with me

I have the answers you’re looking for

I’ve tried to tell you they are within

What am I? I am the galaxy in a cell 

I am the rush of rivers

I am the ecstasy in the release of an orgasm

I am the breath of a baby

I am night sky

I am the sunrise

I am the twinge in your chest that squeezes tight at the morning light

I am waiting for you….

I am the essence that holds the secrets of the universe and I dwell in you

I wait 


Now go into your Moonrise planner and plug in the space to meet with your sacred essence and guard those boundaries. This is very important…if you need to put up mantras or prayers to remind you of the why this matters, do so. And when not if, but when you loose your way and the rush of the day takes over…come repair your boundaries and mend the fence. Come home.


Next stop Sacred Boundaries for Self….xo

Angelique Arroyo Medicine Womyn: Guidess, Healer + ActiVisionary

Phone: 7172952547
Email: SchoolforMedicineWomyn@gmail.com
Website: www.AngeliqueArroyo.com

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Hello beautiful Soul!

Showing up for Spirit: Cultivating a Personal Practice is my offering to you. Over the next 12 new moons, I will be sharing different tools that you can use to create your own spiritual practice - one that is both nourishing and adaptable to your ever-changing needs. 

To me, spiritual practice is really like a love note from myself to the universe and from the universe to me. It's a mutual admiration society.

I think it is important to remember that there are no rules or "shoulds" when it comes to spiritual practice. For one person a fulfilling practice might be meditating for an hour each day. For another it might be as simple as lighting a candle, or listening to birdsong. 

The common thread in all spiritual practice is the intention to connect with the sacred. Honestly, there really is nothing you need to do because you are sacred exactly as you are… however… it can be nice to learn about and play with different tools and techniques that support you in creating a conscious container that honors your connection with Spirit. 

May this offering be a light on the path and bring joy to your heart.


Grounding & Clearing

Over the next three moons we will be exploring different ways to Create a Sacred Container. With moon 1, we begin at the beginning - with the most basic and fundamental practices for connecting with Spirit: Grounding and Clearing.



Grounding connects you to the energy of the earth and brings you into the present moment. Being grounded is the opposite of being frazzled or spaced out. Grounding is presence.

We spend a lot of times in our minds; unless you are an athlete or involve in physical activities, it is quite easy to become disembodied. Even during physical activity, if it is physical movement that you have done repeatedly, you can get caught up in mind chatter and not even be aware of what your body is doing.

Taking some time to tune into your body and your physical environment at the beginning of your practice, or any time of the day for that matter, brings you home and makes you more receptive to the sacred. Receiving the healing, life-force energy from the earth offers you peace and stability in the moment.

Try this: Go outside and stand on the earth barefoot. If it isn't possible to take off your shoes, you can put your hands on the earth. You can also kneel on the ground and touch the earth with your forehead - especially if you are feeling a lot of mental energy in your brain, this can be a nice way of bringing yourself "down to earth”. 

While grounding outside will give you an easy and immediate connection to the earth, depending on your circumstances it isn’t always an easy option. No matter where you are it is easy to root yourself to the earth by listening to the Grounding Cord Visualization or Short Grounding Meditation


Other ways to ground include:

  • yoga or stretching, tai chi or qigong
  • sit in a garden or go a park
  • lay you body down on the earth - take a nap or spend the night!
  • bring crystals and other stones into your environment- on your desk, in your car, in your pockets, tucked in your bra…
  • toning or sounding
  • drumming or rattling
  • putting essential oils on the bottoms of your feet {vetiver is lovely}



Clearing is a way to move stagnant energies from both your body/mind, your energyfield and the physical space. When you clear the energy it is like you are wiping the slate clean on an energetic level - purifying and removing any energy that isn't in your highest and best by opening up your channels and removing the psychic dust.

Clearing, like grounding, brings presence - the most important ingredient in any spiritual practice. Clearing allows you to come to your spiritual practice with a blank canvas. Grounding is actually a form of clearing your energy, because the earth energy is naturally detoxifying.

My favorite way of clearing is smudging. This is when you burn a dried plant in order to use the smoke from the plant to cleanse and purify the environment.  The smoke breaks open the stagnant energy and the aroma of the plant has cleansing properties in it. 

Plants I use to smudge include white sage, sagebrush, palo santo, copal, juniper, cedar, sweetgrass and mugwort. If smoke does not agree with you you can use a spray smudge where essential oils from plants are added to water.                                         

Clearing is just as important as grounding for me - especially after an argument or any kind of tense, stressful situations.  At home, burning white sage is my go-to tool for shifting the energy in the house. If I don’t have access to smudging plants or sprays, I usually clear my field by getting fresh air or visualize cleansing light moving through my body.


Other ways to clear include:

  • open windows and/or doors
  • light incense 
  • use singing bowl/gong/bells
  • light a beeswax candle
  • turn on a salt lamp
  • take a shower or bath (add epsom or sea salt to your bath for extra cleansing)
  • close your eyes and imagine light coming in through the top of your head and spreading through your body… use whatever color feels right in the moment)
  • clapping, rattling, drumming


I hope these tools, whether they are old friends or new ones, will assist you in bringing clarity into the present moment, the very best place to grow your spiritual practice. 



Next up: Moon 2 | New Moon in Virgo :: Altars :: Creating a Gathering Place


Kristina Wingeier is a Lunar Mystic, Soul Counselor, and Intuitive Healer. Her services include: Soul Counsel Depth CoachingIntuitive Tarot Readings, and The Conscious Empath Sessions: Re-Patterning Energetic BoundariesHer e-course, The Conscious Empath // Foundation Sessions begins with the New Moon in Aquarius, 2/8/16. Find out more information and/or sign up HERE.

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Anointing with oils is a sacred, timeless tradition that beautifully pairs with everyday rituals as well as significant rites of passages.

While essential oils have gained popularity in the recent years, I am a true blue fan of infused oils.  Not only are infused oils environmentally easy on the earth, but they are simple and inexpensive to craft.  Young and old alike can create beautiful anointing oil combinations with wildcrafted and homegrown herbs and plants.    However, essential oils do offer diverse options for plants that may not necessarily be available locally.   

Infused oils simply consist of filling a glass jar with your choice of beautiful medicinal or fragrant flower petals and/or herbs.  Then, pour a quality carrier oil over the plant material until it fills to the top of the jar.   Seal tightly, store in a cool and dark spot, and wait anywhere from two to four weeks.   Once your plants have infused in the oil, you can use a cheesecloth to strain out the plant material and you will be left with healing infused oils.   Examples of carrier oils are jojoba oil (my favorite, as it doesn't go rancid), almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil, etc.

Once you've decided on your set of infused or essential oils, experiment with the endless combinations of aromas.    You can create scents that are spicy, floral, sexy, bright, flirty, calming, woodsy, citrus, and fresh.


Here are a few simple recipes using both types of oils.  For these recipes, I use a .35 oz roller bottle and fill it almost to the top with carrier oil.  Roller bottles are a convenient way to utilize anointing oils as they travel easily and are less messy.   I also enjoy occasionally writing invisible words or phrases on my body with oils, which is a beautiful and powerful way to affirm love for your body and spirit.


Spirit Temple Anointing Oil
(A deep, smoky aroma with a hint of floral that invokes the Sacred)

  • Carrier Oil (which can also be an infused oil)

  • 2 drops of Jasmine EO

  • 2 drops of Sandalwood EO

  • 1 drop of Patchouli EO

RejuveMind Anointing Oil
(A bright and calming aroma that awakens the body and soul)

  • Carrier Oil (which can also be an infused oil)

  • 2 drops of Orange EO

  • 1 drop of Frankincense EO

  • 1 drop of Peppermint EO

Botanical Beauty Infused Anointing Oil
(A lovely, soft floral aroma with a bit of grounding from the Rosemary to shower gentle love and compassion for your body and heart).  Experiment with the amounts of each oil you add to suit your unique needs and preferences.

  • 1/2 a roller bottle full of Geranium or Rose infused oil

  • 1/4 a roller bottle full of Jasmine infused oil

  • 1/8 a roller bottle full of Chamomile infused oil

  • 1/8 a roller bottle full of Rosemary infused oil


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