"The garden of the world has no limits

Except in your mind.

Its presence is more beautiful than the stars

With more clarity

Than the polished mirror of your heart." -Rumi


This card was most insistent about being chosen for you today. Perhaps because I’m sitting the winter sun in my garden, in my corner of the world, listening to birdsong and the sound of the Australian bush. I can also hear the bamboo chimes that hang above me from the tree that is just about to burst forth. At the moment it sits quiet and expectant, a quiet promise ready to explode. Oh how I remember last year when it’s shock of bright pink flowers exploded against the blue sky, scenting my garden with such sweetness and causing tears of sheer amazement every time I wandered out, which was often as I couldn’t bear to stay away. We hung glass jars with fairy lights from her branches and lingered into the evenings. So many unexpected delights, so much beauty that it was almost too much to bear.

Of course those blooms give way to fruit which nourished all the winged one who share this place with me, lifting their song… and so it goes…

So this card asks what magic do you have lying just below the surface ready to explode forth if only you could just get out of your own way and allow it? What gifts of pure, soul shattering beauty are inevitable expressions of your gesture? And what fruits will develop and mature over time nourishing all that need your magic and raising the collective song? These gifts are there just beneath the surface, ready to find themselves manifest. You are invited to play and follow your whims, to flow and allow the beauty of your joy to radiate out in whatever form it wants. It is inevitable, it is cyclic, it is already written and it is pure magical conjuring… and so it is…

Allow Hare to guide you. She teaches us to aim for our dreams. Hare is linked to the moon cycles and unlike the rabbit is wild and untameable and of course, is connected with rebirth and fertility. Hare is also a guide to connect you to magic and the other worlds and today she brings you the energy of Spring. EnJOY.

(This painting is available here { } if you feel the call in your bones and soul to have it as a talisman for your journey.)

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