Chief Operations Partner

California | Colorado, USA


Leads a devotional practice of workability, ease, & calm thru structures, systems, & strategy.  Supports team harvests, illumination, concept-weaving, integration thru facilitation & co-creative leadership.


JD brings us his expertise as the Executive Director | Chief-Listener & Behind-the-Scenes Servant Leader of the Nourish International network.  JD always aims to embody Nourish values by prioritizing community, compassion, & conscientiousness in everything he does. He firmly believes in the power of self-transformation as a path to global transformation. You can also find him organizing cross-sector, multi-organization events & facilitating collaborative leadership gatherings.

He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship-Focus) & Minors in Economics & Writing/Public Speaking/Critical Reasoning.  He enjoys writing songs & poetry, playing soccer, fishing, meditating, singing & playing guitar, & exploring how to shift our global systems from exploitative & degenerative to empowering regenerative.