>>> FEAST + FORAGE <<<

A Full 8-Hour Spirit Strategy Session + Primal Play Date with Legacy Architect Maya Corinne



Spontaneous, Family-Style Gatherings  

How do you shift and start fresh from an already established life, with all it's limitations and moving parts?

How do you create Impact, Results, Velocity + Profit inside of the chaos of family or overfull community?

For many years, before there were four children, I was honored to offer the gift of witness to Icons, Beacons & Angels in 1-on-1 sessions, small circles, and 7-day retreats. In this space we crafted second acts: documentaries, non-profit initiatives, book projects, communities, hobbies-turned brick-&-mortar businesses. Each project was born from an urgent, and inspired {In*Sprited} impulse for contribution and deeper meaning. Here I found my true kindred, and our closest family friends. Many of us still collaborate on things, from events and talks, to publications and giving circles. Some of us are ongoing business partners, co-publishers, co-facilitators, and even, now, family.


Sharing a table with our crews. A hike. Digging in the soil, and excavating a bit of possibility together. Planning just enough path to let us map out a bit of future. Abandoning plans for the unexpected. Letting our children play witness to our work, while letting ourselves work in the divinity of their play. Circling over a landscape, spiraling in and out of conversations that have wanted to happen, at a certain level, for a very long time. Letting ourselves be right-sized, small, in the grand scheme of things, so our projects are "no big deal," and have the freedom to grow beyond the scope of our imaginations. An adventure, a feast. A catalyst.

Sometimes we are actually foraging for wild edibles, with a guide and a chef. Sometimes we are on our own, in an abundant harvest or tide pool. We might be on a boat, with hooks or spears.  Most often - we are sprawled out on a local farm, baskets full, with a fabulous restaurant close by.

+ Harvesting kelp, sea moss, nori, and wakame in Mendocino. A day on the tide pools, identifying sea veggies, tracking neon nudibranchs. Cooking together in a local home, mapping by the fire, mugs-in-hand.

+ Wild herb stalk in Marseille, France. Steaming bowls of hot bouillabaisse while we pick our fish, fresh from the Med. Carte blanche of an old farmhouse for napping littles while we bust out our notebooks.

+ Mushroom hunting in New Hampshire with our cameras. Catered meals on an island dock, with cocktails, as the sun sets over the White Mountains. Vision expansion as we race past 200 islands and take in air from a bajillion trees. 

+ Spear fishing, or fish-order-placing, from the beach in Kauai. Slicing into buttery mangoes, cacao-tasting, mixing a soy-wasabi beurre-noisette. Weaving a flower lei, and making an offering. Oh, and scheming.

+ Crabbing in San Francisco below the Golden Gate Bridge. Breakfast at the Ferry Building. Beach picnic, where we dial in to what's needed, what's missing & how to make it happen.. Farmhouse cuisine at Greens.

Nature turns it on for us. We're gifted with tokens + auguries: paradigm-shifting, vibrant and crystal-clear symbolic gifts that change everything. Plant medicine. Insights. Minerals. Displays from the animal kingdom. Analogies that find their home in your larger story.


You get a hard-bound copy of *GIVEN* 26 Moon | 2 Year Lunar Atlas for mapping this all out. Packed with mind maps, calendars, logs, schedules, checklists and other structures for existence.

We send you 13-months of love from MoonRise 13. Thirteen individual monthly planners that account for the wellbeing and sustainability of your vision…logs for your Moon Cycle, exercise, nutrition and supplements…meal planners. Weekly content and to-do lists, mind maps, the works…weekly emails from my own daily medicine walks, with Tokens & Auguries called in for you and our *GIVEN* community: symbolic gateways + insights and experience from  my partners and alumni. Oh, and our life, running Pollen Institute and a family of 6.


Taking care of our needs in the moment, untethered.  No walls or formality to block self-expression or promote looking-good. Nope. We commit to how we want it all to go by only doing it the way we want life to look and feel. 

*Obviously, this is a fantastic privilege, and we have an opportunity to elevate those of us who've not been freed up for such things. Your fee will go towards our feast and family time. 100% of the profits will move towards social justice, cultural preservation & environmental initiatives. Thank you.

How we do this depends on Right Timing. When you are ready, and the window appears here, too, we will find our place. Our lives are designed for freedom, so I tend to drop everything for one of these adventures. It might take 8 months, and it might work this weekend. Available on the West Coast (US) year-round, and New England, Hawaii, Western Europe, Bali and Australia with 2 months advance registration. When it happens, it will be the perfect time. 

It also depends on your style. I rough it, bare feet, hands in the dough, 24/7. And, I love my cozy comforts + fine things. As long as we eat well, I'm at my best. My people are prone to a bit of wanderlust and open to a bit of high-risk, high-reward adventure. And, you can let me know if you're all about the cozy-safe-quiet or luxe-urban-spa. I'm down. 

This is, without exception, a profound gift to me, to learn from you in the space of my beloveds. I'll give you everything I've got.

 xx, Maya

ps - This offering is by application only. Thank you.



[just the grownups]


[any size. immediate family. includes elders]


[many games + initiatives. multiple families + friends]