TIME – 15 mins


Optional Materials: Basket with mixed currency amounts, ie, change, $1-$20 bills

This game is to experience *being* in economies & resource-sharing. Everyone has a chance to move resources around the group, be silly and react quickly.  It is direct metaphor for how money moves: people move it! Sometimes the *being* is: hold on, sometimes we have to accept resources; sometimes we pass resources thru; sometimes we want to control it; sometimes we can release, or get to choose where it goes; sometimes we don’t... 

Invite everyone to pull a random amount of money from their wallets that they want to gift to the group. It can be loose change, a dollar, multiple dollars, or a larger bill of any denomination. If you are working with a diverse class group, pass around a basket & invite folks to "Choose a random amount and/or pull something from the basket."

Now everyone clusters together, closely like penguins.

Invite everyone to feel the money in their hands, & to imagine what they could do with it. Offer these prompts, allowing 2-4 minutes for each pace:

Begin circulating the money slowly, handing it off to someone else.

If you get a larger bill, try to hold on to it for a bit.

Try to get rid of your loose change.

Keep the money moving. Silently pick who you want all your money to go to, & keep directing it towards them. Do it slowly.

Do it quickly.

Now just be generous, give as much as possible to as many people as possible.

Do it slowly, holding the money as you receive it. Bless it. Pass the blessing.

Keep circulating.

Hold what you have. Put it in your pocket. 

It ends with folks getting what they get.

Pair off to sharing about what they notice about *being* at each pace & circumstance, then move into a group dialogue on forwarding resources.