waning gibbous Moon.png

The Lunacy Phases, below, are the cycles we move thru when taking a impulse thru to a project, taking an initiative into project, a project into a business, an organization, or a movement. There is no beginning or end, because the impulses are ancient & evolving. For your purposes, you'll want to identify where you are at in your impulse (the word on the left), consideration, for example, & what capacity there is to expand, & master (on the right), in this case, exploration. The recording below is a great, packed introduction to 26 MOONS. I deliver it like we are sitting side-by-side, so it's not like most courses where they give you 5 Steps to Brush Your Teeth. My recordings are like a sister rushing 25 years of work & many generations of medicine into our 30 minutes together. They are shared at 7 levels of consciousness, so they are different, with new meaning, each time your listen. Be ready to take tons of notes.

The Lunacy Phases map is not in your book. Download it here, & place it up on your wall.