Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


Provides ancestral memory, responsible integration, & healing justice for building initiatives that feed communities.


Astrology is an ancient language. It is synchronous & seductive. Distilling that language is what I'm here for so we can integrate astral instinct in every sphere of life. It's a magic that interconnects it all- science, nature, psychology, yet is always being silenced. We forget to listen to our bodies. To look at the sky, at the sea, & remember. We forget what we already know. 

I want to help us remember. Seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I apply them as a cyclic compass to navigate the psyche. This is not just horoscopes & readings. This is a return to Earth. Return to the Heavens. To your self. Synthesis. So if any of this feels like it's dropping into your heart or is vibrating through your being, resonating with your saltwater & stardust... stay & chill with me. Let's give less fucks & get deeply, fully clear together.

  I am a queer boricua bruja & along with mermaid musings on astrology, you can find me writing unapologetically about healing justice, decolonization & community Latinx Lancaster. I am into dancing bachata,  sunny beaches, & irreverent humor. I live on the East Coast of USA & graduated from the Academy of AstroPsychology in 2015.