Yocheved angelique arroyo

Spirit Strategist | Jewyorican Bruja

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


Crafts infrastructures for conscious leaders & collective healing. Offers Liberation priestessing. 

I am honored by your witness and participation in shaping the work of creating infrastructures for conscious leaders and collective healing. I’ve been in the work of transformation and healing for over twenty years. In different iterations and over lifetimes. In this one I’m an herbalist, Reiki Master, and Liberation activist. I’m also a reader, seer, and word dominatrix. I’m mama to two galactic humans who keep me grounded and I am a fierce devotee of Shekinah.

You can read more about me at Angelique Guides, a center for coaching & consulting Conscious Leaders. You can also find me at The Jewyorican Bruja Priestess, a place for transmissions, incantations and trabajo (work).