Vivienne McMaster catching us at play

-I so loved seeing this image over at Vivienne McMaster.  I still haven't seen our women's ways Field Guide in print, believe it or not.  So this shot kind of threw me.  It's gorgeous.  

-But then again, you can't go wrong with Moon Storm sister Jennette chugging a hatbox in a red trucker cap.  She's all kinds of muse.  Her new site is candy medicine you can scroll thru.  

-Vivienne & I both turn 36 as the month rolls out.  Okay, so she's already there.  I'm 5 days close to brownies on the dock.  

-I can't believe how thirsty my skin is for Robyn's Alchemy Oil.  And that it works as well in the 106' dry heat of my Northern California town as the 90' humidity of our New Hampshire wooded isle.  I'll never use anything else, I'm sure, for face or belly.  And hair.  And it's not just love, I swear. 

-I shared a Prayer Bowl tutorial from our Sunday Play dates over at Waldorfish.  She is so organized, even wet-felting, as a Waldorf teacher who's used to crafting with a crowd.  

 -And now there's a bell ringing thru the trees.  Time for pancakes.  I've missed you guys.  xx, Maya