dragon water. peace wands.

meditation jars by stacey deal rosa, uo dragon water, herbmother latisha guthrie's plant lava lanterns

Nourishing mama Stacey set off a dazzle fest before I left with these glitter meditation jars for Mia & Isabella, inspired in kind by this article on meditation with the childrens.  We practice an outdoor moving meditation here, in the form of feeding, planting, digging + climbing...what we most need now is some support for the physical bickering that happens between a trifecta of testosterone.

There's so many good tricks, right, all of them working in some instances, not others. We've long-loved the multi-cultural, inter-era Tales from the Dragon's Cave, Peacemaking Stories for Everyone.  It was obvious that our jars were to be filled with Dragon Water, so they might shake their needs & love into the wands, listen for the dragon wisdom & let the cool weight anchor them before they speak. Of course I have to be there...or for this week, while I'm gathering with these ladies, our 100 Year Promise*Keepers & the Amulet team in Seattle, D needs to be there.  The great thing about D is, he's so there.  For our boys.  For me.  For everyone. 

Herbmother took the whole concept up three with these Plant Lava Lamps, floating it all in a wisp of glycerine.  Ridiculous.  I got to hold them all (& her two girls. swoon) the last few days and wow.  They are glorious.  

Marybeth is going to add real flecks of gold + live rose petals in mineral oil.  Waldorfish's Robyn, a sea of tiny pink shells from her Atlantic summer cottage.   Danielle, sand + fairy dust.  Rachel Ballard : Pyrite (pirate!) dust that she crushes from whole crystals to become gold.  Ours: tiny metal beads in 5 tones.  Glittered flocking that sometimes looks like cool moss.  And mostly looks like mud.  We floated it all in a pond of water + dish soap, so nothing clumps or sticks.  Otherwise is looks like slough slime.  Which is gross.  So we did that for awhile.  Because lets face it.  I am the only human girl around here.  The goat-turkey-chicken-kitten-bunny ladies aren't super clean.  Clean.  Schlean.  Life is messy.

Kay.  North. Gathering more of this kind of enough.