good*ness. gratitude.

he's here.jpg

kingston. saki. born into a tiny salty sea, at home, with his brothers close.  8 lbs, 6 oz sweet.

*oh.  this community. or these communities, rather.  this is the first time we've ever had a boy when we aren't homeschooling, and wow.  our local waldorf community has been feeding our family homecooked meals, driving our boys and scheduling playdates.  you guys, the urban organica, amulet, moonstorm, calibration institute, waldorfish, yes! and pollen {i} families have been -shocking- in your care packages.

we're eager to pay it forward.

we've always been hermits in our childbirthing and new infant days.  i'll never look at an expecting family the same way again, now that i know what a HUGE, almost, *almost* unspeakable difference it makes to realize that some of you have taken time from your days, reallocated pennies, or used hands and hearts to create sentiments that turn into heart-melting, that turn into milk, and rest, and enough post-partum elation for six.  indeed, this boy, only 2 weeks old, is already wearing 3 month baby clothes.  we're filled up, and he's filled up.  

i also understand it takes a good six weeks to fully recover one's body, bearings and bliss, otherwise it takes two and a half years, or a down-the-road meltdown.  that's a bit of science research, but we also know some about this kind of thing.  so we're here, babymooning, keeping the computer as far from him as possible, and in a state of total and complete gratitute.  

it truly takes the village, and we are of and from the collective work.  thank you doesn't even begin to begin it.  i feel small beside your communal bigness, and that feels very right, reflective of a kind, generous world i wish for our children. 

especially when it comes to our midwives.  tosi, rachel, rachel and leslie.  how you hold space for the rites of our life, and how you stand afar, when need be, and come close in silence, clarity and service...  the only words worth speaking are the ones you already witness here in my home.  but still.  my heart overflows for the primal portals you provide.  

xx, maya