farm stalk. full belly swoon.

D shared a tad about this at Waldorfish.

My mama*sister, Amulet co-founder, Moon Stormie, and wild alchemist Marybeth Bonfiglio has hooked up a chance for us to claim Our Word with Maya Stein, Blackberry magazine publisher Alisha Sommer + Nicole Colinarez.  Have you ever seen me stand with Maya?  It's quite funny, she of the tall, long, athletic, and me of the toadstool littles.  Behind the gajillion freckles, though, we are both pensive, curious, delighted at moments.  I love how she brings unexpected expression to her creative impulse.  She's like an adventure guide that thinks in projects, bringing accessibility to the sublime.  Nicole is just dope.  A tatted-out Pinay scribe, with many wee ones, who works with Quill and Clay, Feather and Stone.  I must try to hold back my gushing enthusiasm for another Earth-worshipping Pilipina oriented around family, truth and typography.  Alisha is lovely to work with, another mama of three, so if you're in 24/7 stewardship-mode, and feeling full up, there's good company here.  

I'm stoked to spend a few weeks writing with this crew, and hope you join us.

xx, Maya