Your 100 Year Vision

I break down what this is, how this all works & why it will fill you up to overflowing in my TEDx Talk on Architecture for Conscious Creative Legacies.

I turned 35 yesterday.  And was gifted an epic birthday.  I flew across the country to meet my 3 boys & best friend on our wee, rustic island property. 

He picked up our Donzi and took me for a spin.  I made a wish on the Wishing Bridge. We spent the day on the dock with families I have long-loved, 4 generations deep.  My parents barbequed salmon while the kids did a show that ended with everyone in the water. Then they played violins and ukuleles until even the star-filled sky went to bed.

So I have a little present for you.  Whether I'm crafting a giving plan, raising funds, gathering artists, activists or children, we start with a multi-generational plan for ourselves, our community and the planet.  Because then Spirit and sustainability are built into the foundation.  Print your 100 Year Vision Playsheets.


An Impossible Promise

2112: Earth is vibrant and green.  Her seas shimmer with life, packed with everything they are supposed to be filled with, nothing more and nothing less.  Her skies are so blue, it smells of sunshine and lavender.  The dignity of every individual, and every individual family culture is honored, respected and supported.

Obviously, this is not something I can fulfill on my own.  I won't even be here, after all.  I'm not really designed for it in so many ways.  Throw your 100 Year Vision in, and we'll need a collective.  I can't imagine anything more worthwhile.  Can you?  A triumph of the Human Spirit, many times over.

We create these before creating plans, intiatives or businesses because it's hard to commit to the full learning curve of a long project.  The only answer is to create a big enough "Why" and Transform Time.  So here goes.

Let's go out past our lifetimes into a 100 Year Vision for the planet.  Flesh out the dream you already have, but for the year 2112.  Now you have space, & something worth giving your life to.  The problems don't go away here.  They become the problems of a life worth living.  Problems that call your wild, wise woman out to dance.  To plant, to lift, elevate, work out, celebrate, inspire, and bring in others.  To call forth a movement.  Problems that require you to lean upon your Elders, your Mentors, your Ancestors, & your Guides.  Problems that require you to be accountable to the Whole, to your clients and constituents in a way that is so exciting and inspiring to you, You Live for It.  You live for your promise and your roles in that promise.

Transforming time requires a temporality flip-flop.  Our present is generally given by the past.  We can keep all that's wonderful from our past, we don't have to get rid of anything.  Let's just take our unconscious past out of the future, and consciously co-create integrated futures that guide our days.  Can we do this?

Yes.  It's a practice to be born newly again & again.  In this space, where we commit to a whole future, where the most important commodity in our life is the well-being of our community landscapes, we give our Elders and Ancestors the gift of living their greatest hopes for us.  We get to wake up in awe of possibility, of lessons finally trickling in.  It's the least we can do. 

And in this space, what we consume, instead of unconscious materials, is the time of our lives.  How very appropriate.  It's what I want for myself.  To be full and used up for what I consider worthy.  And yummy.  I think it's adding years, actually. 


I recommend writing an essay, painting a scene, collaging your vision or drawing a mind map of a single, perfect moment in 2112 before you fill this out.  In at least 12 colors.  With plenty of symbols + sketches.  It's way more beautiful and way more powerful that way. Make it real for you.

Then put a short description right up on top of your Playsheet, in the oval marked 2112.   Fill in the ages of yourself and any important beloveds on the left-hand dashes.  Then work backwards, from the future, filling each decade with possible journeys, learning adventures, landmarks, initiatives, traditions, and rites of passage.

100 Years is plenty of time to mess up royally and succeed grandly.  Philanthropist, athlete, recording artist.  Doesn't matter.  There's room to try out all the roles.  In fact, fill those in at the bottom.  Include the roles you really want, by the way.  Not the ones you've been convinced you have to live out.  Not that you'd do that. 

Want to make this real?  I thought you'd never ask.  Pixie Campbell and I are going to walk you through it for 3 Months in SouLstorm's sacred community of conscious creative visionaries.  And then the SouLstorm Guidesses will support you for another 6 months - for a full 9 Month Gestation.  Are you birthing something?  Sometimes it just takes a witness who's been there.  How about a whole village of wise women who are willing to sit on their hands while you do what you already know how to do?  Say the word, & they'll step in, with tech suport, herbal elixers, sexy copy, spiritual prowess, mama's wisdom, financial saavy and resources up the wazoo.  We hold each other's visions tightly around here.

But first, just an hour ago I found Latisha of HerbMother sharing how real it's gotten for her...

As always.  Big, big love.  Celebrating you.  xoxo, Maya