Crafting a Clear Creative Culture

From over at Matrilumina this morning...

It always begins with the food in my mind.  If we're gathering with our peers, if we're all full of a gajillion creative projects, collaborations, working on our books, caring for our beloveds, coming down from the last class we led...then we're hungry.  

We want to meet, on path - we love what we do after all, we plan on getting back at some point - and we want to unpack and celebrate together.  So food good food is in order.  And if we're to really honor and celebrate each other, then of course, OF COURSE, we want to really acknowledge each other's work.  So the unpacking is not just a mere physical expression of trading one's lunch sack.  We need to gather our mugs, look at each other & share for real.  What's been done, what's worked, who was there, what's still needed.

I picture those Moroccan roftops where we are rich because there's a bit of sky.  The floor is covered with jewel-toned, overlapping rugs.  The low tables, flung with brocades and weavings from our homes.  Each and every woman has brought dishes worthy of creative luminaries and beacons.  We are dressed to celebrate, to move, to sit on the floor under a star-packed sky, with a multitude of lanterns, brights and glistening whimsies. 

And the next day we sit, cliff-side and hear what's next.  For each of us.  And collectively, we commit to it.

I think now of permaculture, of gardenscaping in a way that cultivates a permanent culture that breeds life.  By design, it's restorative, rejuvenating, and leans on the cycles that all*ready exist.  (Ready to feed, support, destroy, organize, birth).  By paying careful attention to the needs of what's growing, we can create a soft landing, packed nourishment and protection from the elements.  What would it take to create a deeply enriched soil that feeds our individual bodies of work?

What if we were covered?

And we could focus on the light?

We might unfurl exponentially.

Blossoms might spring from our very core.

And the flow...well.  As nature has it.  Effusive, rapid, rushing.

I waiver here ~ do I share that this is the work I know best, my own clarity from a life of thriving community building?  Or do I hold out for the collective discovery?  I'm holding out because we are so over theory.  The anchors we propose here are grounding for a moving body of untetherable women. 

Creating a safe, fundamentally generous, luminous culture must come from meeting in place & living together.  From generating new conversations, releasing what's unneeded into the falls, circling in the hot springs and then, integrating everything by eating the food grown right there on the very grounds we walk.

It takes full immersion in exquisite self-care in partnership with Earth and Spirit.

Ultimately, there's choice.  We can go together.  Or we can go alone, backed by those successfully walking similar paths, who've done their work, who are holding our creations very, very close. 

And as we each continue to seed, grow & build, we get to come together again.  To celebrate. To unpack.  And to feast.

Aloha + Mahalo, Maya