*Tonight! Meet me at Tea House Studio...

Come on out & get messy with me at Tea House Studio for a **FREE** art night! 


I'll be co-hosting with three of our hyper-prolific Moon Storm creatives, mixed-media artist + altar making intuitive Elke May Glendenning, Stefanie Renee Lindeen, photographer + co-founder of Tea House Studio, and Jess Greene, founder of Seek Your Course.  The night is 1 of 50 (crazy girl!!!) free art events on Jess' Jump Start Creativity Tour.  Last I heard it's registration was way over her other stops - Berkeley does have millions of creative folks, so that makes sense.  But of course I'd love to see my people.  So I can, you know, give you a hug & soak you up & just be super happy to see you.  And make some flowers.  Simple stuff.  We can't be all deep & building alla the time, yo. 


If you are planning to make it, please email me so we can maybe all meet for dinner before hand.  My favorite place of all time is there, serving up Mexican Tapas & Holy-Mother-of-God Tortilla Soup.  At least that's what the SouLstorm Clan Sisters call it.  maya@moon-storm.com


Monday, July 23, 2012 | 7-9pm 

Tea House Studio  1250 Addison Street, Suite 208.  Berkeley, CA

Mahalo!  maya