Ubuntu * Michelin-Starred Comfort Food

In celebration of life, & the luck that I'm still here loving it, the boys took me to Ubuntu, Napa's double-Michelin-starred wunder*factory where Executive Chef Aaron London plied us with hours of on-the-house culinary magic.  How does this happen, one might ask?  I'm not sure.  The host let him know we had arrived, then the waitress, wearing her Mission Statement while espousing the joys of farming & pickling our meal, would only share that "Chef loves surprises!"  While usually I might want to go on & on, explaining how the crunch of the stew crouton gave way to a melting chew of gently baked butter & how the caramelized fennel lit on my spoon next to the smoky corn on polenta, I'm currently filled & fulfilled on the pretty of it all. Brilliant vitality to celebrate grateful, unlikely-but-nonetheless overjoyed & here-to-stay vitality.