Wowza Life is Beautiful

I'm present to the contrast of the created life, the indifferent life, the overwhelmed life & the given life. I imagine I'll experience bits of each in my time here. As we allow ridiculous grace into our lives we are also mourning the loss of Kadija, one of Somalia's 500,000 children entrapped in a war between fundamental ideals & a concept of the West. Kadija's father is a herder who lost his flock, + his only comfort is the possibility his other 2 children might be saved. It's not likely & I cry for him. It is my privilege to remember that a Western life is filled with opportunity for enhancement; not a given, not an earned reward, not a badge of being good or adequate or especially well. Certainly not an excuse to feel guilty or inadequate. Rather a bit of luck that we can build upon, as responsibly as possible, with the eye always on learning how to support, to reciprocate, to understand.

"The responsible use of freedom must begin early if it is to blossom." -and the skylark sings with me

It's a humbling moment to be surrounded by a constant flow of goodness, community, surprise, magic, warmth & awe. I will keep sharing the great*good*delicious*kickass work of my conscious creative families here, and right now we are bowing our heads in solidarity with those families who will never see the fulfillment of their heartwork.

For everything you ever did that no one will ever know about. For every touch, every bit of hard love, every decision you were just not sure about, but made anyways, for the depth of your feelings for them & the reality of your loss. I honor you. I am so sorry.

And for those who are at the threshold of uncertainty where your loved ones are at their edge, I send you every angel we have. And love.