34 island days

34 days blogging on my iPhone (where I will be offering free typos for all). 34 years old as of yesterday. 34 reasons to be in awe of my conscious, creative families who've let me work where I want, when I want, wearing what I want for 13 years. If they keeping rocking their lives like this, I'll get to play another 34... (the house? under the care of Junior, who's all moved in. the chickens + garden? under Benjamin's tender care) I want to share some of what they're up to here so you all can use their ideas, fill up on their mojo + start setting your family free. It's my birthday present to myself - permission to give freely. So today...

1-she gave up her identity & turned her mama blog into a fashion blog
2-he wrote each of his adult children love letters
3-she gave herself permission to offer affiliate bonuses & Not to reciprocate
4-she set up her upcoming e-course as a future digital product (future passive income stream!)
5-he received his first $100k seed money for his deal bringing folks their road trip dreams
6-she cured her mysterious illness with cranial-sacral work + acupuncture
7- she chose to step over someone else's f-up, while still rising to what would have happened in an ideal situation. She chose compassion
8- she gave away the farm to delight her customers
9- he created a series of goodies to give them after the fact, because he needed to do something with all that gratitude
10- he's buying his family their dream speedboat
11- she took them out of school, so that they may be walkouts
12- they asked their community to help them thru a brutal season of toddler+pregnancy+move with in-laws+bad habits. They told the truth about needing support
13 he littered his book with extra bonuses on his website - where he can be more out there, more free, more edgy
14- she invested $70k in her best friend - totally unattached to the outcome
16- they made a contract to stop competing with eachother for resources, time, & everything, really. It was making the kids into rivals + them into adversaries. They wrote it out, had witnesses. Sealed it with dinner

More on all them tomorrow...