Squam Postcards #1 :: When We Wander

We take our families with us.   At least.  Kinda. I mean, we do some mama things.  Does that count?  Well.  Self-care is community care.  You gotta do it.  Do you really need an excuse?  I know.  We all do.  Permission granted.

Spun Love from Tif to me, then Me to TifSecret:  I've always wanted to spin like Tifanie.  Which is kinda funny, since what I love about her stuff is it's honesty, it's raw-full-color-thick-thin-edgy-ripped-paper-organic-happyness that is, really, only her style.  I guess when it comes to wool, I've wanted her style.  It's good to have style icons, for whatever you're up to. (We can only be ourselves at the end of the day.  Don't worry.)  This would make her laugh.  Go ahead & laugh, T.  As is turns out, I have a thing for getting that yarn nice*and*thin, making it even, even.  Maybe that's a beginner thing, though.

And how honored am I that my girl hopped on a plane & flew cross-country from our sunny California to my beloved New Hampshire Lakes Region & offered me a skein of Noddyboom Yarn?  Sooo.  With bits of metal & newspaper all up in it.  Newspaper!  Worth my ticket, I'm telling you.  Oh, I wish you could see how her yarn is all sparkly & there's bits of shiny-metallic mica in that bark I wrapped.  Oh, well.

Once there, we found some wood nymphs.

A fairy-lit stone fireplace.

Room to move, the possibility of a swim & quiet.

Our roomies stayed up past midnight everynight with wine, cheese sticks & knitting needles.  I spent all that time untangling ridiculously beautiful balls of yarn.  Maybe had a couple of vodka tonics compliments of Danielle.

At the Natural Food Conspiracy - 'cause I guess, in some parts, natural food is still a conspiracy theory - she loaded up on every supplement her family could hope for her.  We sipped apple cider vinegar before Squam's giant-everything-you-could-want meals for 4 days to stoke our digestion...

There was spinning, & I am officially a lifer.  When I came home, my Kita (9, almost 10) showed me how to do it correctly.


In her hands: Tea. Unfurling.

Sarah + Cal whipping up something very.  Cal.

And so now we can just be, a 'la Tif's forever reminder tattoo right here.  Whatever it is that we need to be.  Nice.  Focused.  Patient.  Kind.  Clear.  Energized.  Present.  Renewed.  Relieved.  Available.  Whew.