May you be free to get in & drive (Oh, Sovereignty)

May there be snow-covered mountains on your path * connected to the clouds

may you be greeted by community * candles * coffee

may there be the hope of rest up high

a promise of warmth & good work to be done

may music make it's way to you

 & let there be a dog, a pond, some petals to pick

a barn with a rope swing

may he push you & you remember to hold on & finally, to jump

let there be a bit a rough play, big kids & a gentle place to land

& chances to discover the quiet magic of physics

may evening fall to an elevated view of hops & poppies, the sounds of sleepy dairy girls

and in the morning, maybe someone who bakes *not me* has made you some chocolate chip scones

& if that not be your dream, then that.  that dream.  may you be free to get in the car & drive.  there.