pantry cooking

When it's this hot & there's so many little hands, isn't it nice to make easy * snacky foods?

Soyrizo, corn chips, eggs, tomatoes, scallions, mushrooms.

Garden radishes.  Clover butter + Real Salt.

Garden collards, peas + savoy cabbage w/ low-mercury-tuna.

Nut loaf, avocado, tomatoes, Strauss sour cream.  Chocolate Newman-O's.

French bread.  For breakfast, lunch & dinner. 

Risotto with rainbow carrots (makes it seem like lots of veggies - to me, at least), provolone, garden herbs.

What am I doing with the extra time?  Mamas don't have extra time, my love.  Abundance, affluence, joy, yes.  Time, though?  We just fill it up. Today it included 5am work on the rug of my new studio. (Pictures coming soon!)  Little boys coming down from their sleeping bags in the loft above.  Mapping, drawing, scaling out business visions for a private mama mastermind I'm hosting.  Eating 2 toasted almond meringues for breakfast + 1 Mexican wedding cookie.  Hugs for D.  It's about 1:38.  Probably time to eat something for real, yes?  (Don't worry.  D fed them.  Love having a full-time Daddy on board.)

*If anyone's wondered what happened to Tangee, her Family Love Village has just blown up, hosting the kid's area for music festivals, turning out community initiatives, & creating a community-building blueprint.  So she's just rocking over in Tangee-land. 

*I'm hoping some of you Wild Women will join me in the SouLodge coming up!  Starts soon, but hurry so we can hang & do some work together!  Pixie's work is crazy-magikal, yet totally safe, loving & grounded.  I promise you will have at least 2 life-changers during the session.  She won't promise that, but I've worked with her, & I'm telling you.  If you are looking for something & don't quite know what it is, if you are wanting a spiritual guide & don't know how to find it, she will lead you to what's yours.  And if you know what you are up to & are maybe feeling a little adventurous, this is going to be next level...