breaking open

first off, i can't believe ya'll are still here.  i am really not sure why.  well, i love you, too.  crazy madly deeply. 

back to breaking open.  i've been living the good life.  worthwhile craziness, that is.

i daily, constantly
unwind * untwine * disentangle my heart

only to find
an upsurge of freedom wanting to swell, to mushroom into the lives of everyone i ever ever talk to.


  • my teen-years best friends, aging but still dope hip-hop dancers, who could use my brother's body wisdom yesterday.
  • my sisters, so many free hippies who can't afford their rent but who make art that everyone could use.  everyone.
  • my neighbors, carting their wheelbarrows to my driveway for organic compost.
  • my daddy, comics archivist & artist-advocate, how i'd love to spend the rest of my life building him an online comics encyclopedia, an institute for elders & young artists to jam, a home built for housing & feeding creative geniuses with a full-on staff.  a village, actually.

really, i even mean

  • those moms in my boys' class who won't talk to me because they think i'm there to create a wedge (heheh, i understand, must be intimidating at 4'11) -

i am in a constant day dream of showing them how to take their hobbies to 6 figures.

which is totally counter-reciprocative, but fuck, they do some good, really marketable shit over on their ends

AND, (aside from the fact all that is meddling & i am an introvert)

none of that is what i'm here for.


i am a full time wife & mama first.  as a lifer*autodidact (read: grownup unschooler) i've been able to  do some cool-ass stuff & we've sent crazy support to the businesses, initiatives & non-profits that make our hearts sing.  my heart*thoughts never go to sleep, but i must, so here is how i'm merging + integrating:

  • blending my online life with my real life.  it will be fine, i keep telling myself
  • healing my need to hide what's good so i don't create separation, anxiety, judgement.  that's gonna come, anywayz
  • modeling for those of us with unique privilege, the good life out loud (in my case, my unschooler's mindset actually gives me the same resources as my very wealthy friends. i say x & x happens, at our family-first pace)
  • being honest about what doesn't work without telling other's stories
  • sharing those brilliant, genius resources that have somehow come our way & made our lives worthwhile, humbling & at the end of the day, mindblowing


  • continuing to support those in a position to support life*goodness*earth in a  significant way

At the beginning & end of everyday, it's all about thanking Source for me.  Bending down & kissing Mother Earth.  Partnering with my brothers & sisters to be honoring of what's here.

so stick with me my loves, things will change around here, i never quite grew out of the early anonymous UO blog.  this is my humble online pre-launch/real-life admission.  i make rich hippies.  i can show hippies how to launch their gigs, yes, but that isn't what i mean.  i mean that most of us who are lucky enough to get our food on the table fairly consistently, are fully  grateful & long to give back & embody our values full-out.  we want to live simply, softly, to create a handmade life.  to send resources, time & energy where they are most needed.  to experience a wellspring of creativity in our lives.  i help the resource-rich live spirit-rich.

so that is what i do, offline.  usually it's ceo's, activists & performing artists.  and now it's here, with my uo crew.  you.  you.  & you.  as usual, i am deeply grateful. for you. 

xo, maya

PS ~ if you are a hippie, & up to thriving, I can't recommend my boys Alex & Tad highly enough.  If you get me on the phone I will sing you an 8 hours+ love song about what the do heart*fully & masterfully.  It would be a better use of your time to go straight to them.  Alex knows how to cull purpose & lifestyle.  And Tad knows how to market creative-sensitives.  Yes.  Angels.  Both of them.  I LOVE them, am a greatful friend & client.

And here's what is breaking my eyes, heart & mind wide open...

sitting in community orchards with this 3 year-old, eating cherries& from there, watching his brother harvesting weeping mulberries