did you meet my new baby girls?

Oh, yeah, I planned for them.  I planned, pleaded, read, studied, made many, many promises.   I think I read too much, because, really, these girls require not much more than a bit of love & attention, actually.  I don't believe it's okay to kiss chickens, but... Am I over the top?  You tell me...

Blackberry & Truffle, Silkies (their feathers have no middle quill, so they will eventually look like crazy-furry tiny chickens. oooooh)

Bluewee, Our Little Blue Silkie...See her little band-aid orthotics? She's got sweet little curled toes.


Curious, the Porcelain Bantam / Chirping Chipmunk

 Lemon, Bake's Buff Silkie

Hoppy - Key's Dutch/Malaysian Bantam - This Baby Straight Up Flies Around

So okay, my urban farmers - where are you at with your chicken fantasy?  We gave up two months on the East Coast for these girlies, 'cause they do need babysitters, for sure.  But other than that, they are so much simpler than I had been thinking. And who am I kidding?  They are my new babysitters.  One for each boy, plus...extras.

Here's what we did, all for under $30:

Picked up a large cardboard box, a bag of pine shavings, a poultry lamp, water fount for baby chicks, a feed dispenser (both are plastic trays that attach to mason jars for $3), & a bag of medicated chick starter (food). 

*We went with the medicated stuff, because even though we have every intention of getting them on organic feed as soon as possible, I just don't want to risk losing one in the middle of the night.  We know we're beginners here, a family with little ones & you never know how tired I'm going to be.  We check their vents daily & so far only one has needed a little bum wash.*

We put the box on the floor between two playstands (chairs would work just as well) & placed a broom across them to hold the lamp.  The chicks tell us if it's too hot or too cool by gathering under the lamp or trying to get away from it.  We just keep moving the heat a bit further away from them.  The boys check the food & water constantly, & we keep them elevated a bit on bricks so they don't kick a bunch of shavings into them.

That's it!