chrysalis moment

silk worm coccoons (magic, transformation within toilet paper rolls)

these bad girls 'bout to be in transition!

One of the perks about working with dreamers & doers is getting to hear how adults are playing in their lives.  It's not always so obvious when you're looking at the car to your right, that the driver is up to something big, on the edge of some scary, new thing.  And, well, maybe they aren't.  But man, some of my girlfriends have been blowing my mind lately.  I always have to giggle when I hear the words - usually apologetic, "I'm in transition right now." 

photo by the so-sweet kissy-huggy maya donenfeld :: Jen, Pixie, Jonatha, Michelle & I

Oh, aren't we all?  Hopefully.  No apologies needed.  After a week at Squam, a week of crazy end-of-year schoolishness & a week in the woods of Southern Oregon, my ladies pulled me right back where I needed to be last night.  In my seat, tea cup in hand, safely sharing the latest amongst goddess-sisters. 

In a reciprocal B-School skyped-in un-board-meeting we covered some real ground celebrating personal business wins & addressing our right livelihood dilemmas ~ purpose, service, branding, websites, business vs. monetizing.  I soaked in delicious words & phrases like "honey-legacy," "soul flight," "cord-cutting," "visually-stunning-nothing-less," "the discipline groove," "let's free your voice," "I'm-still-downloading from Greece," "make it a system," "just move, play!" & "Grab the big banana!"  Oh, and there was chocolate. & strawberries.

If one is to be a creatrice, to truly be the owner-designer-builder of her life, then she needs to be in action with her wanting.  This is impossible without others on the same path.  These new sisters, they are new sisters.  Our family is weeks old, though our shared committments make all that irrelevant.  I don't always give myself permission to enter into new community, or to be coached in a group.  And - we must.  So I don't always, but I do mostly.  Women are the Way.  We must be supported with the physical presence of others who understand, who are sparkly & funny & know when to be straight up.  The path to freedom hasn't been mapped out, we have to make it up & why act like we know wassup?  Why make it hard & suffer through it?  There's friends waiting.  We must be willing to not have it together, to be unravelled & un-seam-ly & to speak it so they can come up & mend our shirts.  It's fine.  And we need to spin some silk, too.  It's only fair.  And it's the only way to go from a store-bought life to an heirloom life.

Thank you KC, Alara, Kathleen, Olga, Dakota & Stephanie!  Thanks Marie & Laura.  I'mma Be I'mma Be I'mma I'mma I'mma Bee...