Tangee!! Woot!!

A few months ago my sister - really, my first cousin, but totally, my sister, Tangee invited my brothers & I to join a homeschooling panel for The Family Love Village.  She had just founded this community for intentional parenting, and I was blown away by how quickly her home filled with loving, stylish, smart, diverse & committed families.  They poured into her entry, filled her living room, peeked out of her kitchen & eventually there was a full-to-the-brim crowd of eager, questioning potential homeschoolers.  The group began as a study group for the book Connection Parenting & had developed into a community that was growing it's values together while remaining completely diverse.  They shared a beautiful organic potluck of homemade vegetarian stews, gluten-free persimmon-poundcake-pudings & other ridiculous stuff I keep thinking about.  A number of them had met when Tangee's family lived on an intentional property in Topanga Canyon, a splash of wilderness right in the heart of Los Angeles, so they were rural-city-folk.  And they were all up to cool stuff :: I was able to meet Alegre of Green & Greener, and Sara of CSA California. What I mean to say is, this is my girl Tangee.  Capoierista, Recording Artist, Fire Dancer, Burner, Spoken Word Artist, Organic, Vibrant-Foods Chef, Work-at-Home Nursing Mama... She's dope!  And I'm so excited she's joining me here on Urban Organica!  As my co-blogger!  Woot!  This girl knows how to grow a delicious community - which is such the hard-but-oh-so-rewarding-work for new families.  And how to sustain it with new conversations, new honest inquiries & great resources.  I filmed a peek at my nephew Andrik's blessing with Rev. Michael Bernhard Beckwith at Agape, so you can catch a bit of their family's sweetness & artistic flavour...

Andrik's Blessing at Agape from urban organica on Vimeo.


xo, M