**My TED moment + Last Chance for the Legacy Design Intensive**

If you've been with me for any length of time here, then I would love, love, love to support you in creating you Conscious, Creative Legacy ~ which I define as What's available to your loved ones, your community & the planet out of your life fully expressed.  We're already full, but registration closes tomorrow & it wouldn't be right if I closed early or didn't take the time to invite my beloved mamas. If you want to design your 100-year vision, Your 20 Year Game, a Blessed Village & Divine Flow Map, well, just head over to the Moon Storm Sessions in the nav bar up there.  Last time we doubly sold-out, & I had to run to consecutively.  I'm not going to do that this time.  I will hold a space for UO readers, though, if you let me know before we close.

The video above is for the free Burnt-to-Brilliant Infusion Kit over there.  I thought you guys might like it.

And this...how my unschooled mind lets me move resources at the level of community.  And the foundation + scaffolding that must be in place for the successful fulfillment of a conscious, creative feminine legacy.  xo, Maya