Let It Go Roadtrip * Mother of All Releasings Ceremony * Sleepover

Before we crash, to awaken newly...We burn it all away...Here's the ***new link*** to make your own releasing bundles.


Making releasing bundles on our way down from Northern California to Topanga for the Mother of All Releasings Ceremony...White Sage + lavendar gathered by the glimmery Anna.  Nicole Maxali, Dr. Anna Stid, Vatrena King, Poppy Peach + Lady Lava...

Letting go + creating in Sisterhood...w/ Sherelle Salaver, Jessica Seaton, Stacy Ann de la Rosa, Anne Carmack, Pixie Campbell.

When the little show up, self-love + self hugs show up.  Along with knitting in bed,  my felted SouLodge, hippie-hair discussions, fists-to-the-sky...



Before the night is through & we head back up...Won't you join us all in letting it go?

Here's how to make your own releasing bundle.

A Solstice Blessing.

And one more video offering, from SouLodge + Moon Storm Clan Sister Latisha Guthrie:

Blessings, May you Release what's not yours, what's not needed & what's not invited into 2012.  And a year of light to you & your beloveds. xoxo, Maya