soft recipe card for gigi

she was 97.  we had all these plans of things to make for the holidays, but when she passed there was nothing to do but give in to her recipe card, which floated out somehow, from the depths of our appliance pantry.  so i sat down & drew it out - the handwriting was such a mess at first, until finally i said, "gigi, I can't figure this out.  you do it."  it was maybe 4am.  and then it was easy.  not that she was doing it.  i think all things stitchy were just so easy for her, so it was maybe that memory, or maybe, i don't know.  my own grandparents, we still talk.  they visit me in my dreams, at odd hours, with love & scoldings.  i don't think that was her plan though, to be checking in on her granddaughter-in-love, or her great-grandsons, either.  she was eager to get to dancing with the love of her life & was here plenty long enough in her mind.  but it came quickly, & then there was just stitching, for a few days + nights.  and the boys joined in with ideas & fabrics & scissors & applique.  and here it is.  gigi's broccoli salad.