At our local creek we have these odd jumping cats :: preening, meowing birds that screech like howler monkeys before hopping, gracefully, 15 feet up into the eucalyptus branches.  They sound like muscled, furry felines, & they somehow fly without opening their electric-spangled wings.  Massive & dismissive, they manage to surprise, even though we expect to be delighted. 

They've inspired some guiding questions 'round here...

Why not be unexpected?  Why not act out of character?  With the assurance that we can only be ourselves, why not try on a different animal today, a hybrid, an act of impossible beauty?  Why not choose silliness?  How can we take what we're doing & go over the top?  How can we make this ridiculous?

Wishing you all a day of being surprised & delighted, surprising & delightful!