mlk :: celebrating the great * full * ness


Today we celebrate the divine texture of a world that supports our particular brand of freedom...In our family, we have mixed privileges.  We blend in a world that is blended, we walk safely in our New Hampshire neighborhoods as people of color, we walk the streets of San Francisco as natives to the sounds of Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Mandarin, Lebanese French, Samoan, Arabic, Tagalog.  We can look up & smile & ask for help & experience kindness in return.  We honor you, Dr. King.  And we know the work is not done. 


Today we will share a warm meal from our family culture, & sit, the little ones, some of the grandparents, D & I.  And we will write out our dreams. For ourselves, for the expression of Spirit in our communities, for the extended family of humanity, & for the well-being of our Earth.  Then we will head to the great trees & the snow to be with Source & ask for help.  We will promise to partner in our visions.  Then, we will slide down the hill, again & again & again.