You made it over!  Have you had enough Winter yet?  We just started, come on!  Although I always like to see a bit of Summer to bring home the contrast of the quiet cold.  So here's a bit of that...Every season is so different, just long enough for us to pine for it's coming & then yearn for the next, while still being a bit too short to fit in every fleeting goodness, to maneuver every timely activity's requirements.  It's simply not possible to do every Winter craft, but then, who wants to?  And then it promises to return next year, for another go, another round of the traditions, another chance to make last year's moment a repeat grounding. 

This is our new stomping ground...the boys & I went through & cleaned up some, a lot of posts, especially the early ones, have gone into our family albums & aren't online anymore.  There's no rhyme or reason to what stayed & what's gone, it's just a family-feeling kinda thingy.  So if you are looking for something & can't find it, let me know.  The great news is, over here I can host some of the conversations that are closer to my heart, and I can have some of my beloveds co-cost the blog with me.  So you'll meet them soon enough.  And it's really easy to post everything super fast here, which is so important for a mama of 3.  I'm pretty excited, as the old blog was about mostly homeschooling + making, (since I was still figuring out how to use my computer, right) but now, now that ya'll have been there for me, supporting me, sharing with me at your places & kickin' it in our space for a bit, I can really up the level & share the good stuff.  Which is about them, the folks in our "real life."  And how they affect us in so many amazing ways, they uplift us, inspire us...all that. So welcome to our neighborhood.