lighthouse beach clamming

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Every year we take one day at the beach by Granny's & do a little clamming.  It always surprises me, what with the kids' "distinguishing palates," as they say in GastroKids, that they are willing to eat these funny animals with long-necks that squirt out sea water.  There was a beautiful couple on the rocks, mid-life & in love, who saw us racing against the digging shell-fish in the sand.  It's always disappointing to accidentally crack the shells with our spoons, so they shared with us the correct way to do it:


*Dig in the water.  Watch for bubbles, then just shuffle your spoon back & forth above that spot.  The water will pull away the hard sand fast, & then you can just reach down & grab the clam.


*Put them into a bag with holes.   We already like to use mesh produce nets that come with potatoes & limes for finding sea shells.  Those are perfect, & they're free.  Hang them in the sea for three days & the clams will clean themselves out.  


*I happen to think that is all just so clever.




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