grateful, simple foods

IMG_1588mud pie by our oldest & his buddy Molly

IMG_1596galanga ginger, lemongrass, vietnamese cilantro & lemongrass pulled from my stock

IMG_1594kale & celery swimming in an infused pool of coconut milk, baby oyster + enoki mushrooms fried in a batter of rice flour, curry, toasted sesame seeds & anise stars 

Today I was hoping to surprise my brother at the airport with his 3 nephews.  Instead we chatted online, me at my kitchen counter & him in a southeast asian hospital bed with the dengue fever.  This morning I sobbed over my stove & made him a risotto with dino kale, garden scallions, garlic, thyme & insane amounts of provolone. He wasn't there to eat it, but it was comforting, nonetheless.   He wanted to fly out with his son in a couple of weeks, anyway, for his first big flight, so this is just right, I suppose.   He's strong, my brother, very literally a warrior. I'd much rather meet them all at the airport, my newish nephew Ravi & my sister in-love whom I've never met in person, but I know without a doubt she is my sister like my very best girls are my sisters.  

So it's about 3am now & I just finished designing a dress pattern for our dear Haitian mamas to make.  According to my computer it's 6 in New Hampshire, so I guess I'm no longer on East Coast time since I haven't gone to sleep yet.  Back to my old habits as a West Coast night-owl.  The light is soft at this hour. It's warm but the air smells like Fall.  I'm feeding my heart chocolate, my eyes layered fabrics in cherry & persimmon, my hands the nubby drape of linen & my ears the hum of the freeway & downshifting of big rigs.

When the house sleeps it's actually quiet enough to notice what I'm really feeding myself, my heart, my eyes, hands & ears.  It's a good reminder to be gentle on myself & others.  To watch what I "eat," & what I dish out.

Oh yeah, I love you Elrik.  I hope you get to go home today.  Mai