food styling at squam art workshops


Nina, Bea of La Tartine Gourmande + Christine of Lavender & Limes


Thea knew what to ask, upping the photography lessons to the next level.  If you want a happy cry for a minute, check out her family portraits, here.


Mentor session with Liz, Kirsten, Bea + Thea



Brittany of Whatever & Stuff having a personal playdate with the dough & apples.  5 kids, this one has, including 20 month-old twins.  She always makes it to Squam to make sure she has something to give back.


Somehow Elizabeth has taken my love affair with woods + water & sent it completely over the top by adding an apron party with cameras, cooking, pregnant bellies & over-full mamas.  With a brilliant food stylist (with more than a touch of star quality) showing us exactly how she makes her perfect pictures & a brilliant photographer shadowing her every move, asking her just the questions I didn't know to ask.  After making us cry with her beautiful story about why she started creating, of course.   Because women like to cry together & we also like watching French women talk about food & style while we cook.  At least, this group did.  My roomie Eileen & I got to whip up these savory tarts & then bring home sweets to our cottage.  That's when I realized I was actually at camp.  At Camp!!.