breakfast #30 :: fruit bake



Is it Number #30?  I don't know.  Seems right.  Regardless, we've been eating this 5 different ways, so that should make up for the difference.  Strawberries, sliced.  Pears, shredded.  Apples, chopped.  Plums, peaches.  I'm hoping Percy, our persimmon-stealing squirrel has left us some fruit at home.  Today it was nectarines & blueberries.  I call it clafouti, but the boys keep reminding me that it's so not.  I just keep offering it up, announcing, "Clafouti!" So I can see them clamber to the picnic tables to remind me with much concern that it is "not a clafouti, a clafouti is slippy & soft.  It's a Fruit Bake."  "Yeah a fruit bake."  "It's a fute bake, mom!"  I love seeing them correct me in birth order.  


Often times they just take over the making of this dish, which has resulted in an occasional sweet & chewy granola bottom & a one-time hard-as-rocks biscuit-style topping.  But I like to let them do their thing.  It's a great kid recipe.


So our Clafouti/Fruit Bake is simply a buttered dish with 2 cups of fruit on the bottom, drizzled with maple syrup & cinnamon.  It's topped with 1 cup of pancake batter (Pamela's makes really amazing gf pancake mix) & a generous toss of organic brown sugar crystals & baked at 350' for 15 minutes.  I'm inclined to forgo the sugar, but they are right.  It's way better that way.


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