Jamaican Grill @ the Farm



Recently we headed to our local farm for a little Calypso music & Jamaican Grill Night.  There's a single library book that we check out for 6 months at a time, often incurring a bunch of fees that make me feel both guilty & proud to be supporting the cause: Little Farm By the Sea.  Oh, how I love, love that sweet book.  It carries you through  each season in the gentlest way, & I always know the kids are drifting to sleep with lucid pictures of a vibrant farmstand, hoop houses & hills of produce beyond the livestock.  Unlike the farms we know, this dream place quiets down for snow, & there are hills all around.  The first hour here I just kept exclaiming, "This is it!  This is the Little Farm By the Sea!"  It is. Only better, because they open their doors for hot meals.    


I wish I had pictures of the beautiful Jamaican smiles behind the grill & gorgeous vegetarian spread that went with the Jerk Chicken, pulled pork & calypso music, but I was nursing, oohing over the braised greens & organizing the boy's plates while it got dark.   It's not really our farm, obviously, but if you belong to one community food space, then you kinda belong to them all. And this is a community farm - although privately owned, they've built a huge & beautiful pavilion for feeding folks, hosting weddings & events.  It's a project I would so get behind if I lived here.  So I had to share the vision.


Coonamessett's a special place on the Cape, with 20 acres housing a Montesorri Middle School, the Little Sprout's Kid's Summer Garden Program & quite a few other programs.  Not to mention a blueberry field that blew D's mind.  I'm gonna have to get that man an orchard one of these days.  He can then live out his days blissed-out amongst all the fruit he so covets.  We were surprised to see how diverse the clientele was here, until we realized we were outside of Boston, after all.  There's nothing like a good mix of intellectual, economic & cultural diversity to make me feel safe in the world.  But more than that it was inspiring, to see the farm store with cafe, the ice cream booth, school & wind turbine.  Happiness for visiting families, & such a great example of right livelihood.


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