on the water

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Somehow I erased this post, likely in a 4am date with my mouse & a tall bottle of sparkling water.  I don't remember it at all.  I think it was something like...3 happy things:


*I love his curls.  He reminds me of ads that make me want to head to Polynesia.  Kids that look like love & sunshine.


*These lobster buoys.  We have yet to head to a thrift store to find some for home.  They are just so beautiful to me, & I think that shipping should cost about $3, since they basically are just styrofoam with chipped paint.  I suppose we can make our own.  But I have a love affair with the work that went into all things old around here.  Fisherman.  My brother Bryan is a fisherman.  Up at 4 am & heading out to the ocean, for years.  I so respect all that.


*Laundry lines.  After a long night of mama work, & a full day of the stuff that makes our life a working vacation, there's nothing like going back out, grabbing our suits off the line & Being with Earth.  Getting quiet & watching the tides come in, or go out.  She is the Spirit's most epic display of force.  I see the beaches full of folks looking for a reprieve from the labour of our souls.  With a grateful prayer & a bit of sun, the sand is an everyday temple, & these lines hold our Weekday Best.


And...after that last post....


*We have a bug-squisher son, too.  He sits in the dirt for hours with a stick, getting everything that doesn't fall into the categories of "Ladybug," "Caterpillar," or "Dragonfly."  For those, he calls his big brothers, who come
 running, because if they don't, he will squish those, too.  Exactly the "invasive sort" that so disturbs his eldest brother.  Just in case you thought it possible to raise an entire brood of peaceful children who respect wild things & that I might know anything about that.  Nope.