beach cookout



One look at this labrynth of a fire pot & we all shoved into the car to find something to heat on it.   We found ourselves on a 3 1/2 hour, baby-nap-inducing jaunt to all sides of Sandwich, Cape Cod, including about 45 minutes lost in a gorgeous low-end neighborhood surrounded by tidal marshes.  The salt-eaten homes with chair-covered lawns were just my idea of charming, but for the boys, not so much.  But never mind how they felt. (Not really, of course.  I was lost, after all)  We were on a mission to celebrate our family & D & I married for 10 years.  sigh. 


Beach cookout1


by d


They just wanted to get home & eat the fudge, rub the salmon & burn the wood planks we found at the Gallery Gourmet.  If you ever pop in there, ask the owners how to prepare your goods - they really know their stuff.  She helped me pick out a selection of ridiculously inexpensive wooden planks to infuse our fish with olive, cherry, maple & walnut.  How cheap?  25 single-serving rounds for under $20.  And, if used correctly, they could be used again.  The local fisherman bring in their daily treasures & pick their woods accordingly.   Being a Maine native, her husband suggested I find a bit of slate on the beach to lay on the rocks.  I didn't find any, & at one point the fire went all raging on me, but my inner-fire-starter gets all proud of that kind of thing, so it was fine.  I'd like to get my hands on some slate, though.   




More important than all that, though, was the small bottle of green sushi rice they handed me.  Green.  Sushi Rice.  green sushi rice!  If I had to listen to one soundtrack for the rest of my life, I couldn't pick.  But if I had to look at at one food item the rest of my life, it would be a sticky-sweet-short-grain the color of the foamy tea that gathers at the edges of rice terraces & water-loving bamboos.  I never knew this.  But now I do.  And the most most magical part, aside from the very adorable darker-green dots that live in the corners of each grain?  They actually taste like all that.   Green tea, bamboo, fresh herbal fields with a bit of the sea.  Perfect for salmon & jumbo prawns rubbed with a powder of black peppers & maple syrup.






by d


Goodies from the shop...




And the seafood, which speaks for itself, was from Joe's Lobster & Fish Mart by the canal.   We drove all over town, & apparently folks only go to one place for their shells & fish.  The line was long, the girls who worked there adorable & the selection was being brought in while we waited.


There's nothing like learning about the local eats, putting a bit of effort into the meal & then falling asleep to a bit of sandy fudge to say I Love You Guys.  I do  I love you guys.