presence for my painter




  I watch this littlest one pulling out his daily "supplies:" an oilcloth, waterglass, rags, paints, brushes & sponges.  He requests water, new rags, glue, paper, blocks.  If we're too busy, he finds his own mediums & I can count on a new set of acrylic-stained clothes, which is fine, since this is what he does.  He's a painter.  Apparently.  I gave him an apron, & he painted it.  He's 2, & he has a vocation!  Okay, it's not all that deep.  But the point is, I see that he loves it.

 And I think, someone who already knows what he loves doesn't need any presents. 

 Because I hail from Filipinos, People of the Cheesy Word-Play-Joke, my next thought is, What he may need, what we all may need, is Presence. 

 So, here then is my list of things we can make or find that will presence his love, on-goingly:

 -Recycled jam jars for water glasses.  A set of 6 with different colored yarn bows will look just lovely.

-Stacks of rags in interesting materials.  The boys can cut their old shirts & jeans with pinking shears & tie them up with ribbon.

 -Old blocks in a basket with a tag that says, "for painting"

 -A cloth-covered cardboard box packed with old frames, squares of cardboard, felt & stiff cloth to paint.

 -Brushes from mama's supply.

 -A totebag with a plastic tub nestled into the bottom, for painting-to-go.

 -Another apron, or two.

 -A little painting cloth.  The oilcloths are my personal favorite floor-protectant, but I can't help but wish they were padded for those sweet little knees of his.  Maybe I'll just take what we have & layer them with a bit of cloth & batting.

 If he's called to the painting shelf, then we're going to load up that painting shelf.  Because it may be a vocation, at the end of the day.  Bliss is bliss.