succulents for d









Recently a caravan of family headed down to Southern California for the wedding of my lovely cousin Sherelle & her beau, Justin.  It was during the same weekend as our beloved Hoes Down organic farms harvest festival, the most-looked-forward-to &, dare I say, stabilizing annual event in our family.  So we missed the wedding (a big deal given how much I love that girl), and Lola brought up a centerpiece to share.  Because D loves succulents.   It was a bit tossed about, having dropped on the floor, so we had the chance to create our garden just how we liked it.  Well, loved it.  There's nothing so fun as getting a little "kit" with really good ingredients in it.  It makes some small creature inside me run happy circles in the grass before gathering the littles for the project.  D does love his succulents, so.  I love having a sweet reminder of our larger tribe & the promise of partnership on the table.  And the boys just love.