wine train

DSC_0565 goes to a wedding-variety show of dearest friends in the magical napa valley & is eager to see what everyone is up to, what kind of entertainment has been put together.  the dad & big boys run inside to find their aunties & uncles in their finest Indian garb, & inside is a sparkly palace of sequins, silk & painted hands.  & the mama sits outside for two whole hours, comforting the bittiest boy who thinks the pounding dj is just way too much for him.  together they rock back & forth, back & forth, greeting late comers & listening to the Indian elders talk about education & Kentucky Fried chicken.  the dad comes to check in, but baby only wants mama & she is loving this while he's still so small.  eventually he falls asleep & she heads in to join her brood, but not before being doubly-rewarded by the dizzy-juice train, speeding on to it's next tasting.