on re-entry :: ice harvest, honey, swoonfest

Saw2 make your own name tags (sharpie pens on canvas + baby scrabbles)

Saw10ice candles light the way to the craft fair.  there's no shortage of magic, here

Saw35the ice house...harvested from the lake in winter.  delivered daily to your cottage.

Saw33"oh, what's that?" they exclaimed! a refrigerator cabinet.  yes!  with no electricity.  just ice! "ooh.  really?"

In 2005 my darling, funny & very wise friend John Chen gave me some sage advice on re-entry.  He's someone I consider a visionary & business mentor, so I listened closely as he explained that the main reason most "transformational experiences" do not sustain themselves back in the real world is a failed "re-entry."  People need to plan for what happens when we return to our communities as new beings, & realize that they weren't there to see what happened.

At the time I was feeling grounded, supported & clear from nine days with my Jamily at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California.  And, about to return to D & our then 3 year-old in New Hampshire, whom I had left feeling anxious & more than a little heart-sick.  Now I was bursting at the seams with ideas about giving circles, inspired philanthropy & new models of social entrepreneurism.  I easily could have blow them out of the water, but instead I took John's advice & planned for a smooth re-entry.

As female, it's hard for me to be interrupted by males that I love.  So instead I filled my notebook with photos from the week & said nothing.  Yes, nothing.  When they picked me up from the airport I listened to their adventures, how they had bonded & the tiny challenges they dealt with alone on the island for so long.  When they asked questions, I just said, "It's all here in my notes."  And it was.  

By putting my own transformation aside I was able to take in theirs, receiving gifts I might have missed otherwise.  My son was taller, able to stand up to his neck in the lake & leaned into his father with a whole new confidence.  My husband was taller, having proved to himself that he was entirely self-sufficient as a parent, able to deliver tenderness, discipline & security without my wifely peanut gallery.  

By holding my experience sacred & not trying to have anyone else get it, I got to keep it.  


So this year, D & the 3 boys were in CA & I was in NH for the Squam Art Workshops.  3 weeks on, & my family still hasn't seen my photos of Squam Lake.  They have a couple of paintings up & some goodies I brought home from Reform School, owned by my roommates Billie & Tootie.  What they did see is my name tag up there, & 3 short videos over the course of the week.  


#1 :: What, to my mind, is what kids most want to know about Squam Lake but never ever heard of.  The Uber-Crazy team effort that is ice-harvesting.


Honey Harvest from Smarts & Crafts on Vimeo.

 #2  A short on how Derek (+ Laura, though you never see her) harvests their honey.  This is relevant because they have a shop in the City which is just our kind of shop, so the kids will actually meet them someday.  And in our family we maintain that honey is always, at all times totally relevant.  



 #3 The swoonfest SAW slideshow by my honorary roommate, Merrilee.  There's a goofy picture of me from a little antique stop & a shot of the paintings they now know.  But I didn't point it out.


I arrived at SAW at 2:30 am before it all began & was assured that no one else was there.  It was pitch black, the driver was lost & nervous, & I had a sudden intense bear phobia.  I was being as loud as possible, yelling to the driver & slamming doors before I realized MerrEileen & Yvette were in my cabin. They were sleeping before I got there & needless to say, I was mortified that I had woken them, but they insist they were waiting for me.  Well, I'll never know, but I do love those gracious ladies.  I loved all of it.