breakfast #32 :: golden





My brother's here!  From across the sea.  Gratitude today looks like:


My "new" sister, not really new, but now I can hug her & soak up her zen-bohemian strength.  The fact that she can wear a giant turquoise Mexican wool poncho.   No need to get to know each other.  That's my girl.  


A bustling kitchen where the 9 year-old makes Mexican Hot Chocolate with vanilla & cinnamon.


Babies clinging to mommy legs while they cook.


5 year-old pancake flippers.


My kuya (older brother) in his signature malong skirt + tribal tattoos.


Same brother, with his Montessori-mind, busting out globes, jungle guides & grappling techniques with his nephews.




My mom, frying bangus (milkfish), itty-bitty fishies + eggs, perfectly.  But not before making apple-pancakes for us to snack on while she busts out the "real" breakfast.


Pops coming in & out from his TV games in the den.


My 1 year-old nephew, who I am in love with, saying "Pasok!" (come in!) every time he hears a knock.  Watching him hold out a hand & yell, "Waagg!" (Stop!) to the dog before opening a door & brushing him out, "Balis, balis!" (Go, you may leave!)  He repeats everything we say, dances around & smiles wide with the biggest Chinese eyes I have ever, ever seen.






Mom's chili peppers.  Pulling tomatoes, scallions, lemon cucumbers + lemons from her garden to eat with the fish & rice.


4 hours in traffic with my brotha Franz, just to get a glimpse of the Mission district, a bit of blues dancing & a plate of papusas.


Babies tackling & jumping into the arms of aunties & uncles they've never seen before.  Because love needs no introduction. 


All we need now is our bitty brother Jeric to come out to the States, or for all of us to head to the islands for a little more breakfast.