waldorf jedi birthday



Just in case folks were thinking Waldorf families are anti-establishment...


A few genius moments from the Jedi Knight Academy included the following:


Invites: Sophisticated invitations to the Academy on Jedi letterhead. 




Tunics: A bolt of cream cotton, pre-cut into rectangles with neck holes + pre-sewn brown belts.  Obi's tunic included beautiful detailing with a brown Sharpie.  (If a belt came undone, Obi Daddy One would growl, "Naked Padawan!" And the embarrassed young apprentices would scramble to dress eachother) 






Lightsabers: Made on-site with pool noodles + black & silver duct tape.  (Brilliant.  Party planning could have stopped there.  It is truly funny to see a gaggle of boys, lightsabers in the air,  running to attack the adults, Obi Daddy One stepping in front of them, saying, "Go back to the yard!" & watching them all turn on their heels like little military cadets, roaring all the while)






The Test: An obstacle course that includes playground equipment covered in camo-mesh with a Yoda backpack strapped on, throwing water balloons at DeathStar 1(A gray tetherball w/ Sharpie details), & battling it out with Darth Vader.  This particular family has a barn with 150 costumes, so Darth was chillin' nearby...




Eats: Lightsabers made of large pretzel sticks dipped in colored white chocolate, with foil handles.  Little Pizza bites, cold veggies + drinks with character names.  Cupcakes covered with edible rice-paper logos, cupcakes with tiny light-sabers that light up when put to the light.








The Force: Obi demonstrates the Force by placing a balloon at the tip of his lightsaber & pretending to guide it up into the Heavens. (gasp!!)  Then there's a race for each child to get their balloon across the field with the tip of their weapon.  If there is wind, trees & spiky plants, then it will be hilarious, balloons will pop, fly off & get stuck in trees - & only one child will make it across the yard.




Training: Obi has them line up & practice three stances with their lightsabers.  If they aren't paying attention he growls, & if they are beating him up, he growls bigger & throws their weapon behind him.  They love this.  Just love it.  (And those who've never seen a movie are taking the whole thing very, very seriously at this point, being young apprentices & all)








Graduation: In addition to the prized pool noodles, Young Jedi Knights received official graduation certificates & a photo-op with the Prince of Darkness.  At this point several of the children switched to the Dark Side.  


Favors: Star Wars buckets with Darth Vader & R2D2-head stress balls, stickers, a piece of candy, & a fortune-telling Star Wars Pen.  All from Target, I'm told.


I'm trying to get these folks to start a party blog, 'cause this is how they amuse themselves.   Lucky us.