caterpillar people

DSC_1247the possibilities are so exciting...what are we all to become when we're done being so very interesting?

 social dynamics are amazing.  there's much good conversation happening in our parts around creating community, maintaining community.  we are so full, creating new business partnerships, selecting board members, working with our children's eccentric educational communities, getting ready for old & new family to arrive into a thriving, bustling soup of bay area artists & activists.   not to mention it's our birthday season in october.  3 weddings, harvesting opportunities.  and all the people involved with all of this.

for some reason i find caterpillars to be a reassuring reminder of how unique & perfect each human being is.  of the source-given individuality, the miracle of bits both strange & enchanting.  and the vulnerability, even of the big huge ones.  we are all at the hands of eachother, at the end of the day.  and we must remember to stay open.  and stay kind.  it can be hard with all the personalities involved.  but we don't know where each person is going, what they will need to go through to become who they are becoming & where they are at in their journeys.  what they have eaten, what they still need to fed.  the dangers that have been dodged & the instincts at play.  i have to assume that we act the way we were designed, doing our best to live into the very best possibility of ourselves.